Saturday, September 17, 2016


Still playing the guessing game and trouble-shooting.

How do you know when you have a real problem vs a "brat" /greenie issue? (OK, the latter is still a problem, but a training one vs. physical)

Today I did some more pressure point checking with back end of a spoon down his length of his back, checking loins and withers – not much there.  I saw some flinching with lifting of the back when used around his girth area, more so on his right where he’d also turn to look at me.

After that I started with some bare saddle fitting and taking new pictures for the saddle maker to make sure I can rule out that as an issue.

Then it was time to actually tack up. I went back to the pad and girth that worked for us initially and the spot for it. He was extremely difficult today for saddling. 
Riding, we had a lot of head tossing and grabbing of the reins. Not sure if his mouth is now bored without a bit or he is being naughty.

There are so many possible reasons for his reactions it is hard to narrow in on it…
-I am not discounting some type of ulcer upset… I can pin point the start of our issues back to when we switched fields, but I have not been able to get the saddle feeling right since then either (or maybe it has been but the reactions make me think otherwise?)
-He could need an adjustment…about the same time the above happened, he looked off in the hind end on a circle. That seems to have resolved now though.
-The head tossing could be a symptom of pain either from teeth or back. I moved to an S-hack, but now he tries to grab the reins when he is ‘upset’ at the trot.  His teeth will be floated on Oct 7 with his fall checkup/shots.
-He could be objecting to the arena work.
-He could be testing me. 
-Somehow related to the hoof issues? (ouchy on rocks, still has WLD)

I’m just disheartened today, as all I want to do is enjoy riding with him rather than battle over tacking up or moving faster than a walk. He loves attention,but was really grumpy about the saddle and disrespectful of my space today (which was beyond his normal).  I want to be out taking lessons together, learning new skills playing on obstacles, and enjoying the trails... I know it will come eventually.  First I have to get him to a comfortable point to ride, and then work on the trailer so we can go places.

And then we have these moments just hanging out while his feet soak (after the torment of all the tacking up and riding), where I caught him trying to untie himself and he makes me laugh it all away.

I  wasn't doing anything?!

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