Friday, October 21, 2016

Change of seasons

So it has been a few weeks, mainly because there isn't much going on.  I've back-tracked a little with Prophecy as we wait on the new saddle.

I did try one ride in the current saddle with my Happy Mouth Mullen bit, but he really was not thrilled - lacked all responsiveness to it, even from the ground asking him for simple flexing and backing.  Back to the combo bit we go...I contacted Myler and he suggested trying it with different ring connections than just at the bit ring and see how he reacts.

Otherwise we've been focused on ground work and desensitizing. I've mainly been following Carson James for dealing with his sensitivity over anything approaching his back and continued girthyness.

The fall came for a week or so, then we were back in the upper 80s this past week setting records!  Now it's Friday and the weather changed again for rain and cooler temps.  Poor horses are all getting fuzzy for the fall and were sweating just in the pasture all week.

Apparently the ground work and such is boring to him, as on Thursday night he decided to suck his tongue and play with the lead rope... He was also just generally grumpy attitude with me, so an "off day" I guess.

I got close to hopping on bareback while we were in the round pen but didn't have my helmet at that moment and I'm still not 100% sure he would respond kindly to the idea :P

I got word the new saddle is shipping out!  Delivery looks to be late next week... Oh the days will drag on! lol  Hoping to get to test ride it when I go out there next Thursday night and try to get a bunch of time in it over that weekend.  I was really hoping to be at Fort Valley as a drag rider, but obviously those plans changed.  Not only for him in terms of riding, but also that my trailer is not in optimum condition to go long distances so no sleeping spot unless I grab the tent (which I am not keen on doing with cold nights).

I did manage with the help of a friend to get the new roof vent installed that broke back in August.  We haven't wired it yet, but it will have ability to exhaust air and move air in when done! :)  Now that is all caulked inside as well I can put my insulation back up around it and re-tape.  Maybe next spring I will get around to finishing up the inside insulation of the walls!

Prophecy's winter coat is a much richer liver chestnut color, and he is even getting hair around the muzzle (which was all gray, as you can see above & below starting to fill in).

He is also starting his magnesium supplement this weekend, so we shall see if that has any attitude adjustment affect at all, but really I'm using it to help the cresty neck.

Other October fun so far has been doing the Corn Maze with some friends.  Two years in a row makes it a tradition now! lol
Sunset at the Maze

Full moon rising

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