Sunday, October 30, 2016

New Saddle Fun

Our new Wide Tree Phoenix saddle arrived!

First chance I got I was out there trying it on Prophecy.

I decided to use his love of food/treats to my advantage and hand out peppermint bites while tacking up to make it a more pleasurable experience rather than him dancing around for it.  Definitely took the drama out!

I took new conformation shots, some bare saddle fit pictures, and of course tacked up and post-ride.

While he was still not thrilled to trot, he'd quickly get to ears forward moving rather than pinned and head tossing.  In fact, he really would only pop his head at the upward transition so maybe we've got that under control for the moment. I used the Myler bit, with the nose piece tied into position and on the first ring per the maker's suggestion.  He was much better about turning the direction *I* was asking for rather than fighting and throwing his head around.  Overall seemed to be a good experience in the new saddle working for about 45min out in the arena between lunging, fiddling with the tightness of the girth,my stirrup length and walk/trotting around.  He still leaves a bit to be desired when it comes to standing still at the mounting block, but we will work on that more.  Difficult to focus on that part when daylight is short and I was excited to ride, so that is something we will hit up more this weekend when I'm not fighting loss of light!

It is really easy to see how different the shoulders are with a new fluffy saddle... I think this accounts for some of our issues, might be looking into some shims.

The saddle was comfortable to me...even the stirrups, which I really haven't liked riding in anything but my EZ Ride stirrups in years!  Now it is a lot to get used to with tie straps in so many spots and few rings that bounce and make noise (you can see them on the pommel)...

Friday - unfortunately a very short ride as I couldn't get out there until almost 6, then had to catch him and saddle up, so we lost daylight quickly.  The arena has some light, but once the deer started making us feel like their are boogie men out there I decided to call it quits.  Another successful ride as I'm concerned, no head tossing with a bit of trotting. Saddled up nicely using his treats.
No pictures, too dark!

Blazing hot day for horses with winter coats! 77 and sunny. Poor guy was sweating just walking in from the pasture and then add another 30min in the arena - he ended the day with a cool down hosing, to which of course he went out and rolled upon turnout.
I decided to try the woolback and see if it helped fill in at all on the lesser shoulder, as it did well for Tesla with that under the stonewall.  Unfortunately, I think it ended up being "too much pad" under.  It was difficult to set up, and we had yet another major rolling event trying to mount even using a block... I don't think this pad will work for him, so I will likely clean it and sell it.


Another hot one... Changed it up again, went back to the matrix but changed cinches to Tesla's old neoprene.  Much less rolling, but I think it is a tad too short for Prophecy.  Another good short set of riding, but he was less than thrilled the flies returned with the heat!

I'm learning to trust him and not assume he wants to buck. He likes to put his head fairly low as we move and if I can get over myself and stick with it, he keeps going - not getting balled up to buck like I assume.

Now because of my crazy schedule he will get a few days rest until I head back out on Friday!

Happy Halloween!

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