Friday, October 7, 2016

Putting the pieces together

Horses can definitely be like a puzzle...So many little pieces to have connected to keep a good working relationship and maintain a big picture together.

I have been working to fit all the pieces of Prophecy's puzzle together since his arrival.  Each time, we get a step closer to having the big picture.

Steps to putting the puzzle together:
Step 1: The saddle - I thought I had it figured out in July.  The Phoenix standard tree fit him wonderfully and he moved so nicely and it was very comfortable for me.  However, we have struggled to get our rhythm since late August under saddle, especially at a trot.  I noticed him being more balled up, head tossing, and just outright refusing to maintain a trot.
Step 2: Had the chiro out - that did make a huge difference for him, but still had head tossing. Chiro did not feel ulcers were an issue.
Step 3: Training/behavioral.  I got help from the resident trainer, he was being stubborn of moving where you asked him to.  She gave us some ways to work on it, and we agreed he needed to get out of the arena.
Step 4: Get out on trail and see what he does.  Well, this is where we ended last update...the saddle just felt all sorts of wonky for me, in addition to the creep issue on him, so I consulted with Jamie at Phoenix Saddles and we agreed that he should try the Wide tree.  Now I wait a few weeks for that to arrive and see if our fit issues resolve.
Step 5: Move him back to the big field.  This is in process, as we don't want to toss him out too quickly with the fall grass. He is out at night with everyone, and they all come in (him and a buddy to the dry lot, the rest stalled) during the day.  He has seemed much calmer and less grass snatchy during work after that started.
Step 6: Fall shots, dental, and sheath cleaning.  I put this on the books for today back in Sept.  He was a month "early" for shots, but really wanted to have his teeth looked at and get a chance to talk with the vet about his weight, etc.  He was great for his shots, and did really well for the float and sheath cleaning.  She did find some issues - hooks in the back and few sharp points, but the thing she noticed that may explain why he tosses is head is that he has very sensitive teeth.  Particularly with the canine and the first pre-molar he was reactive despite the sedative. She believes that it is just how he is, and might need to try a different bit (like a happy-mouth) to make him more comfortable.  Ultimately I see him going fine in an S-Hack, but we just aren't there yet.  We also talked about his weight, and while it is coming along a Magnesium supplement will be added. Quiessence didn't seem to do much before, so I am looking at MagRestore.

Now the pieces are slowing fitting together and sure hope to have a full picture of a healthy and happy Prophecy soon!

When I went to bring him in this morning, the boys were running off to beat me up there - thinking I would feed breakfast when I got up there ;)  little did he know what he was in for:

Snoozey post dental

Fun on the way in

I'm actually rather amazed how much he's changed in just a short time of being back in work!

June 1 2016 on top, Oct 2 2016 on bottom

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