Sunday, October 2, 2016

The good, bad, and the ugly

This week has been a rough one.  Raining from Monday night through Saturday morning for one, and trying to figure out Prophecy for #2.

Starting with the good:
I met up with the trainer at the barn today and we took Prophecy out on trail again - first time since early August.
Tacking up went extremely well, to the point of worrisome - lol.  He only had to be told once to stand still for saddling and wasn't nearly as grumpy about the whole thing.  Ears not all that happy, but no evasion, no dancing, no turn and nip.

He stood and snoozed, rather silly like as you can see, once saddled and I let him relax as I waited him out to keep tightening the girth. Usually our issue, but not today.

not really sure what he was up to here!

Ready to go
 The ride itself went well, he was controllable and responsive. I think he needed to get out of the arena. I don't blame him, I just hadn't wanted to take him out much alone as he was doing so much head tossing and goofiness in the ring.  I think he maybe tossed his head around once while we were out? Never a thought of it while we were on trail asking for at trot, and he could have very well had reason too with the saddle faux-pas we were having!

End of the ride, hanging out in a field for a few

Now for the bad, and the ugly too...
I'm struggling with his saddle creeping forward and onto his neck.  It is causing issues for him, goosyness, as well as issue for me trying to move with his trot and getting thrown around because I am now on his shoulders...makes me completely off balance and struggling to keep a rhythm.  I actually opted to walk him back in as we came down the steep hill and it kept inching on down his neck.  I have one more rigging idea to try, other than trying to find a pad that won't slip as much as wool, and/or using a crupper ALL the time.

The ugly part...well that was Monday night.  I went out to work with him and the trainer and found some holes in his response to the bit and going the direction asked.  This was not an issue in July/August, but that switch that flipped for us with being balled up and such that started it with the head tossing at an asking for a trot and just kept getting worse.  She was willing to push him further than I could, which resulted in some bucking and a saddle roll and well, you get the idea.  She then spent the next 20-30 min working him and then had me hop back on to work too.    We have some things to work on in the arena to make things right.  Now, if I can get the saddle to stay where I want it, should be a lot easier!   This saddle does fit him and his big shoulders well, just his barrel shape is making it hard to keep in place!

4 miles and a bath later... 
So what has changed?
Prophecy has gone back out to his original pasture this week. Up with a buddy during the day in the dirt area and out at night with the whole gang. This is something I've wondered if it has been part of our issue. That switch flipped one night the week I moved his pasture over to be with the pony & minis.  Could his reentry to his old pasture be helping his attitude?  I guess time will tell on that one.

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