Saturday, November 19, 2016

Moving day

So this weekend before Thanksgiving seems to be "the time" for me to make major changes...

2 years ago I was on my way to pick up Tesla... which turned out to be just shy of a year of when I moved Traveler from TN to join us in VA

And now, I'm moving Prophecy to a barn that is a bit closer to home and work with lots of trails for us to enjoy.
The owners have recently acquired this place and have been doing some major renovations and learning along the way.  They started their own blog to catalog the process :)

Prophecy will remain in field board. He has a good fuzzy coat, and is obviously at a good unless he is shivering I will not be likely to blanket him (maybe the winter cold will help him shed some pounds keeping warm!).  He does have a lightweight now, and got to try it out earlier in the week due to a cold night with rain expected.  He was much less worried this time about getting it put on, maybe he wanted it?  It was kind of funny to see his expression as he walked off in it, but settled into wearing it easily and it stayed on without any rubs overnight :P (or undressing attempts by his pasture mate)
Green is not my choice of color, but you get what you can in their size!

72" seems to fit well

This past week I got to put new tires on the trailer!  They are maybe a little overkill for my trailer weight (Load Range F), but even when empty the ride was much smoother coming back from install.  Main difference is these are radial ST's, not the bias-ply LT that was on there before.  The ride was nice and smooth Saturday morning to the new barn too!

New tires and peace of mind!

Our demo saddle from Ghost is due to arrive Monday, and with my time off work around the holiday I'm planning to put it to the test! Marlene at Badlands Equine is great to deal with, and we have already been talking about what adjustments might need to be made for him as we trial it, and the demo time allowance is generous.  The hard part will be waiting on my order to arrive if it works for us!  And even harder will be starting over again if not...  I have researched a ton of saddle makers at this point and have a few directions I could go to find a "good enough" fitting tree for him.  I don't want to go full custom unless we really have to, and after he's gotten some of the excess fluff off.

The move itself went well...though my day did not start out great.  Heading out to the barn and not even 3 miles from home I got clipped by a van going the other direction. They crossed the yellow line just as we came upon each other. I had very little room or time to respond. He attempted a slight recovery as well and ended up taking out my mirror (old work type van with metal mirrors I assume).  Tried to chase him down to get some info for insurance but could not find him.

Prophecy loaded pretty well, traveled nicely and came off the trailer gently.  A little worked up and confused, but turned out and explored a few before a roll.  He will be in a field alone for a week, but he is across the driveway from another horse (a TWH named Marty) and they were running the fences together.  They are similar personalities (very playful people loving horses) and should have a blast once together in a field :)  Ransom (their QH)  returns this week from his boot-camp as well, so the 3 boys will get to have their own little bachelor parties in a week.

Coming to see me after exploring his field

Getting some attention from Joanna as I was leaving
I'll be out to visit him almost daily this first week there.  Wednesday we will meet the new farrier as well. Looking forward to our new adventures!

*I've also recently noticed something funny going on with google and not showing all my pictures on the blog :(  I'm going to try and get that figured out!

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