Sunday, November 6, 2016

Saddle fit...again

So, while I love the Phoenix and it super comfortable for me, it appears it is not the right match for Prophecy even in the wide version... sigh.

I have been through every saddle pad and cinch combo I have, tried adding a shim to his "lesser" shoulder, and setting the saddle in different places on his back.  All to no avail in keeping it centered on him lunging or riding.  And it even seems tight on his left shoulder, yikes!  It was at least a better fit than the standard as his head tossing stopped, but still not ideal.

Getting better with his ground-tie

He was decently putting up with all the trials this weekend... Peppermint treats greatly helped of course!

So Friday & Saturday I didn't actually ride but just worked on how the saddle fit in the round pen and the arena...Watching, moving him, feeling under as he moved.  Once we finished on Saturday I gave him a bit of a massage - found some good spots, and a few not so happy feeling ones.  He has an official massage with Hands Hooves and Hearts on Monday night so I have notes for her!
He was very cute with me after and didn't want to leave me.  I have to remind him not to get too mouthy, but never more than verbally. He was trying to grab my shirt (I think!) as I tried to snap this photo!

Led him out to the pasture...he was not interested in leaving me!

Sunday... My good friend Amanda came by, armed to help me assess the Phoenix and with several of her own saddles to try on him (dressage and western types of various tree sizes).  And his shoulder size and angle did not fit ANY of it! In the end, she left me with 3 different saddle pads, shims, and a Barefoot treeless to try on him while waiting on the next one to demo and/or see how treeless works for him.

The only really good news front his week is that his feet are really looking great! He had a trim on Thursday and love what I saw on Friday.  I see only one spot that is left from the WLD and resections done over the summer.  We will continue to treat and hopefully prevent a re-occurrence as well.

no huge v cuts on toes anymore!

For anyone curious about what a ride is like...from an outsider point of view - this blog sums it up! :)
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