Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Overall Prophecy has done well with the move. The first day he definitely ran a bit and had a sweat matted coat when I visited.  I brushed that all out and when I returned the next day there wasn't anything new so he had calmed it seemed.

I went back Wednesday morning (took the day off of work) and met the 'new' farrier.  He liked Prophecy's feet (other than not much concavity going on) and agreed the WLD is basically gone. But we'll all keep a close eye on them in the spring for it to return.  We talked shoes and boots, and what my riding intentions are.  He is willing to do the composite types, but will not guarantee them to stay on unlike his own steel shoeing jobs. All things to consider - but he won't be sporting any shoes for a while yet anyway. Planning to stick to barefoot friendly areas for a bit.

Prophecy was completely worked up after the trim (new horse arrival, etc), and I ended up turning him out figuring I wouldn't get a chance to try out the Ghost on him.  After a whole lot of fun chatting, we all decided to go ahead and ride for a bit before JS's lesson at 12.  I grabbed him back from the field and tacked him up - took pictures of the saddle with and without a pad.  It actually stayed level after adding a pad!  Every other saddle the stirrups looked uneven as soon as I added a pad.

Level even after lunging!

                                                                           Post ride

We walked down to the outdoor next door and tested it out. My stirrups were way off length wise and of course had to tighten some more on the girth!  We rode back to the barn with JM &K, and picked up JS to head out on trail. He was definitely full of it for a bit but I think he did pretty well for not having much riding in the past month... The saddle didn't move much at all even without a breast collar or crupper and we went up and down some hills. I didn't attempt to mount from the ground as I know that is almost futile with his build!

The Ghost is super-lite and was very comfy for my hips. I didn't feel like I was straddling a barrel :) The thigh blocks didn't bother me, and came in handy on the hills and when Prophecy took to spinning when I said we're done but 2 of the other horses kept going on trail.  I had a little bit of pain in my right knee, but I'm not 100% sure of the stirrup position and also the bars on the stirrups need to be switched out to a shorter one (which I have) as they are 2" now to accept fenders from before.  I'll get back out again this weekend to keep tweaking things and play during our demo period.

The 23rd marks 2 years ago that I picked Tesla up... I remember it so vividly, just as so many other moments.  I still can't believe he's gone, or Traveler really.  I now have a bracelet that combines both boy's tail hair in one...


While this year has certainly dealt me some sh*t, I'm thankful for so much in my life. My little family of 4, my health and theirs, a job, and much more.

I hope everyone has a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

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