Sunday, November 13, 2016

too many choices

Good grief...trying to find a saddle again!

So many choices on treeless and treed.  Custom or trying to make a standard work.  My head is spinning!  I'm glad there are options, but so many is proving difficult to determine my next move...

I now have 4 tires to put on my trailer, and it is going in Tuesday to have them mounted and installed, so some freedom again!  Seems like I can't have both the trailer and a saddle going at the same time so that we can get out and condition though...

Saturday I tried out the Barefoot Cheyenne lent to me.

It seemed to sit nicer on his back, staying in the right spot and not creeping forward. But I know the pommel size isn't right for him (those can be changed out) and it felt very wide/lack of twist.

This is the Saga personality...must play with something and keeps pulling the corn stalks apart while we groom!
Fuzzy pregnant gelding lol

> Post 20-30min working in the arena.  No saddle rolling when we trotted.  I had to work to get the girth tight so we wouldn't have rolling to mount (mainly because he is so 'puffed' out to start with).

Cleaning up some crumbs when done

Then came over for a scratch

And yawning

He asked for a little hamstring massage

and then picked up a stick and drew while I massaged (zoom in)

He kept looking back at me

But finally decided to head out to the other boys

I'll head out again Monday early evening to give it another spin with shims on the right... then it is a waiting game for the Ghost to arrive!

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