Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A long Wednesday

Tuesday's loading practice run went very easy as well, however he was more in a rush to back of the trailer I think due to all the commotion around us; Successful none the less and by the last time he was waiting on my cue to back again.

The boys watching me leave Tuesday

The update promised from Prophecy's visit with Jeannie Waldron and Jessica Martin for Osteopathy...

My day started out early - I planned in lots of extra time just in case I had difficulty loading and for traffic.  I needed to be on the road by 830 at latest to meet up with Jerry, turned out we ran WAY early!  He was nice and easy to catch, put the cooler on and load, so we hit the road just after 8.  The traffic was very minimal, so we got the clinic about 45min early.   
Prophecy came off the trailer rather hesitantly, a first.  He was very slow about backing out and off. He really wanted to turn and look, but that isn't all that possible in our trailer!  We took our time and he did step off without rushing or stumbling. Since we were early he got to go out in a paddock for a bit and while he was nice and settled in the beginning, apparently the hunt club came through so he was a sweaty muddy mess when it was time for his appointment!

Am I glad I spent my day hauling him for this appointment - YES
Jeannie and Jess worked with him over 2 hours getting his back into "place" again.  His hip/pelvis issue that I had addressed in Sept by the Chiro was much more in depth. He was really locked up in the back end, his withers, diaphragm, ribs, and sternum were out, plus something with his jaw.  It was a really interesting experience, both the internal and external work done on him.  Jeannie also showed me some balancing things to improve on his hooves so I can discuss with the farrier. One comment she made: keep his hooves balanced and teeth in shape and you'll have a long term career.  If the hooves continue to be out of balance he might be lame "by 17"; keep the lightest shoes possible on him and get him moving correctly (not heel landing first).   The plan is ride for a few months and see how he goes and return for a check-up/readjustment with saddle check.

We all could see some visible changes immediately in him.  His is now very obviously butt-high (which explains the saddle creeping issues we had and they suggest a well fitting crupper used all the time although the ghost does not creep), but also has a little more wither now that things are corrected.   He took a little more convincing to get back on the trailer to go home, but chilled out OK standing alone on the trailer while we stopped for a very late lunch on the way back. 
He took off from me when I turned him out, and when I was done unloading everything he looked to be moving around pretty well outside.  He could be sore a few days as his body adjusts so he gets a few days "off" ... which means really nothing different since I have no saddle - BUT I did get word it is finished and shipping from Italy!  

When the weather allows I will be taking out our soccer ball to play with! I'm sure he will enjoy it as Tuesday he discovered the stall toy I had for Tesla being nosy in the trailer with me and was having fun with it :)

I'll have to get some new pictures of him when he is cleaned up a bit. I didn't torture him upon our return with a brush out today.

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  1. Yay! I'm so happy you went to see Jeannie and Jess! A lot of people newer to the sport are unaware of Jeannie's knowledge and happiness to share it. She is a true treasure to endurance riding. Jess's bodywork is amazing and I'm sure your boy will appreciate it.
    For what it's worth, I followed her advice about shoeing and it helped keep Piper sound. My farrier started using aluminum NB shoes and it made a huge difference. I was pretty amazed at how well those shoes held up to all the rock and roads that we both trained and competed on. While the shoes were never able to be reset, they did keep my boy happy for many, many miles and that's all that mattered! Good luck in 2017! I look forward to seeing you out enjoying the trailšŸ“