Monday, December 12, 2016

Final Demo Ride

Monday night I had my final demo ride...Tuesday I ship it back for the next person.  The only thing I changed from the last ride was adding the pommel bolster to see what kind of difference it would make on my knees, since I seem to be sensitive to slight twist changes.  It felt pretty good overall, so I will make sure I have one.  

It was a really fun short ride.  I took him to the round pen for a few to lunge first, and used the fence to get on. He did pretty well at standing still after because I turned him into the fence.  Then we headed out on the back trails to avoid going by his buddies in the barn.  A few discussions in the beginning but then he settled in nicely...we walked, trotted, and cantered.  All alone, even with his barn buddies calling to him, scary deer staring at us, and some weird looking logs/stumps and well pump heads to pass by.

We came up the hill to finish with the moon rising... although hard to see in this pic - it is to the right of the trees

Ears forward and go!

Done with our romp

The all important dinner

As the moon shines over the hills and his pasture

To top Monday off, in the mail was

The weekend did not really go as planned, as mine "started early" with working from home with a sick Skyler on Friday.  We did manage to go see Santa but did not get a chance to ride as I had hoped between the cold snap and wind.

The trees behind his workshop

The boys were all too interested in the work being done to fix their waterer on Sunday when it randomly froze as the weather dipped below freezing late morning.

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