Friday, December 30, 2016

Windy play day

Thursday was kind of wet and weather couldn't decide what it wanted to do, so I left Prophecy alone.  I went back today to brush him out and play with our new soccer ball!

Didn't last long out there...the wind gusts today were 50mph at times...I arrived in some light flurries in sunshine which was really pretty.

Prophecy didn't run from me when I went to get him, so I guess I'm forgiven!

Not afraid of the soccer ball in any manner...actually was searching for a way to pick it up!

Being a goober who wouldn't leave me made it difficult to play! I did get him to pass it back to me once, but didn't catch that on video.

And as promised...some pictures to show his body post work up:


I let him play with a towel to occupy himself...

Look at the wind in my mane!

Does my butt look big?


ok fine, no more treats...

Our Ghost saddle is on its way from OR, only another week and we can get back to riding! :)

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