Sunday, January 15, 2017

Bonus features

Looking sharp on Thursday
My saddle is here and the weather has stunk on the few days I could have gotten out since it arrived.

Thursday though, we had a really warm day, and while still mucky out, I had to try and ride.  Unfortunately the winds were 20-30mph, so Prophecy was very worked up.  We did get the saddle on and moving in the round pen, and once we got past a few min of lunging he calmed a bit.  I decided to try and hop on from the fence, but alas I could not get the saddle to stay stable to mount.  I decided to remove the inserts again from the Matrix pad (as is recommended for round horses) and try again on Sunday.

So Sunday I headed out, on a damp and cool afternoon, and lunged him a few minutes first in the round pen before even grooming. After a good scrub to remove mud, I had him tied pretty short to deal with tacking up this time. I pulled the pad more forward than Thursday and got the cinch set.  We went back out to the round pen and then worked on mounting...  3rd time was a charm...first I had stirrups too long, second the saddle rolled, 3rd we were off and out of the pen! We had a nice little ride, walk, trot and a canter run up a hill...sadly cut short though as when we came down a hill and he wanted to go right and me left, the saddle rolled again. We finished our trail route with me on foot after fixing the saddle.  It is always good practice to go on foot sometimes anyway.  His cinch was pretty tight, but I am going to put some "half holes" on it Monday and see if it helps, as I know I can't go another hole up.  His girth groove is very forward, which this saddle can accommodate, just have to find the right combo with pad, cinch, and tightness...

What is the bonus feature you might be wondering?  
Well, Prophecy is becoming quite desensitized to a saddle rolling! He is learning to stop when it happens so I can dismount.

For the mile I did ride, it was fun and comfy and he was mostly good - more ready to GO than I wanted him to be, but settled in nicely when asked. Looking forward to getting going, again.

When we were done I took some some hoof measurement pics so I can try and get some boots figured out. He stood nicely and calmly tied while I finished up putting our stuff away and then turned him back out.
We have some nicer weather coming up, so we will take advantage of it! Keep making tweaks and get it all ironed out in time :)

Ready to go on Sunday

Teeth marks...Courtesy of Prophecy as I showed him the saddle, he grabbed a fender!

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