Sunday, January 29, 2017

hello ground...

The past week met us with heavy rain Sunday and Monday, almost 70 degree weather on Wednesday, and then back to 40s Thursday...And 30mph+ winds.

Thursday we rode in the wind, another quick mile or so, and the first time out with Ransom in a while.  We tacked up in cross ties in the wash stall and he did pretty well.


This weekend I needed to ride Saturday morning, so we ended up with another blustery ride day!  Above freezing, but not even 40 and of course some strong wind... Tacked up again inside, but he was a bit more wound up over it so we headed to the round pen after to work a few kinks out while Ransom was getting tacked up.  He presented me again with the off side to mount and then we headed off.  He was rather full of himself, and we had quite a few battles in the beginning.
I am not sure if his 'attitude' is the field dynamics playing a role (Prophecy is alpha) and not wanting Ransom ahead of him, or general competitiveness.  We ride alone a lot, so he definitely needs exposure to group situations. He has ridden before with another horse from his field at a the previous barn without issue, but held no status there.

And with his cranky attitude over it, Ransom got ahead of us and as we went up a hill Prophecy kicked up a notch and went bucking rodeo on me...then I said "Hello" to the ground.  The saddle stayed nicely in place at least! Not injured, I regrouped after a few minutes and Jamie helped me get back in the saddle (mounting from the ground is still difficult due to some roll).  I realized shortly after that my pocket was not zipped and the phone likely laid where I had landed, but since we are secluded and I know no other horses were likely to step on it I left it to pick up later.  So my tracking is way off for this ride, as we did another 2 miles at least before coming back to it.

you can see when the tracker/phone sat while we continued on!

The rest of the ride went fine; a few smaller arguments but no more bucking.  Even went on some new trails with many low branches for me to duck and hug his neck or play limbo under.  We do need to work on his 'attitude' and trail etiquette around Ransom.  He hasn't threatened to kick, just major ears and half-ass attempts to nip.  He will be wearing ribbons in his tail at group rides for sure to be safe.

He is looking nice and shiny this week...

Post ride munch

still a wide view from behind!

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