Saturday, January 21, 2017

mile by mile

Slow and steady wins the race right?  Especially when "To Finish is to Win" :)  We may end up with the turtle award yet... lol

Have saddle, will ride is my new motto. We have squeaked in miles here and there as I tweak the fit on the Ghost.  He is not a fast walker, but we have only been out alone recently.  Will be interesting to see how he does with more horses...Hopefully our barn manager will be able to join us later this coming week!


He definitely will go and keep going.  I actually let him pick the trails the past few times and he will keep looping through, bypassing the barn.  Monday night we actually argued about going back, he wasn't ready yet! (we were only riding the driveway and he kept heading for the trails)

I am slowly introducing more gear too... Saturday we rode with a crupper, but not fully tight yet.  I opted to avoid our steepest spots, one reason being the crupper engagement the other being the slick mud.  I think the head tossing fit I got at one spot was crupper induced, so definitely glad it was not a longer hill to have him flailing on.  Next I need to put our pommel pack on and add the rhythm bells to help with the deer!

getting ready to head out Sat
Still working on mounting; again he gave me his off side on the fence so I went with it.  Eventually I will get this figured out so that I can mount from a normal block or the ground if needed without a huge saddle roll.

My helper post ride

The view as I closed the gate
We did a fit kit of Easy Boots after our ride Saturday... I've got the front right size in that one it seems, but his left is proving difficult.  Waiting to hear what size Renegades to consider, if any will work, and waiting to hear on more reviews of the Scoot boot to seek out something used.

I scored a deal on a Skito from a local tack shop to try out, and already talked with the manufacturer about new inserts for it as I don't need as thick as what is in there. We still have a few pads to work our way through in my arsenal and find what works the best, and another cinch to consider.

If we can keep our rides up I have no doubt he will be good for the intro ride March 5.  As for what we will do after that - I am torn!

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