Tuesday, January 10, 2017

snow and ice...

Not much has happened since the last post.  Prophecy and I have been playing with the soccer ball and just hanging lately.

Of course a "snow storm" came though this past Friday night, grounded us to the house for the weekend as ice became the issue with highs barely in the teens for several days.  Prophecy was well taken care of by the new barn manager at Still Pond and warm with his blanket and plenty of hay. She has begun to bring him into the barn for grooming, so he is getting a little less apprehensive about it.  Maybe someday he can go into a stall if needed...

The overall change at the barn and handling has made a bit of difference noticed by the farrier in his most recent trim on Friday. While he was still slightly antsy and had to be 'checked' a few times on standing in place, he was much less anxious about the barn aisle trim than before.
We remeasured his hooves right after the trim and they have changed some since the last time I did it in Sept; he is pretty different left to right on the front!  I'll probably wait another trim cycle to see where we are at, but I'm exploring different boot options to help us condition until his shoes get put on for the ride season in March or so - he has also gotten less foot sore on the rocks as he is coming along so not as rushed to get boots right now :)  I do not have the endless funds to sink into new boots, so trying to match up his sizing to some used ones for the time being.  The farrier showed me a bunch of options to keep the shoes lightweight for him, just have to let him know ahead of time to pick them up for us (Aluminum not as stocked on his truck).  We are curious to see how his hooves look in 5weeks at the next trim, which might give us a little more direction in shoe and boot choices.

The barn manager sent me this cute pic on Friday morning of a snoozey boy...

Jan 8th marked Traveler's "Birthday"...  I know he is watching over me, running through fields and trails on his own.  Still think of him daily...

Jan 21, 2008 - gotcha day back in MI

The snow storm, while it trapped us at home, did make for some fun sledding on our little hills at the house.  Skyler is a speed demon and hard to catch at the bottom (so she doesn't hit a tree!).  Asher had fun purposely running into logs and wiping out

And despite the snow and numerous closings, and lack of mail for a few days, UPS got my Ghost Quilty saddle to me a day "early" (which happened to be the original delivery date before a storm in OR delayed it leaving there)

Can't wait to take it for a spin this weekend!

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