Sunday, February 26, 2017


This week has been rough on me emotionally... Not really sure why, maybe it is the impending venture into endurance with a 3rd horse somehow, but I find myself hurting.

I long for Traveler, and the relationship we had.  I have relived the last day of his life several times in my mind this week.  Looking back at photos of the ride, remembering nearly every person that passed by us on the trail that day asking if we were O.K.

My heart aches for Tesla, and a life cut short. Dreams of mine dashed, questions unanswered, reliving the phone call and the decision I had to make...

I am trying hard with Prophecy, but I feel like we have taken huge steps backwards recently.  I know he could use 30days with someone to 'finish' and work out the kinks with us, but that is just not in the cards at this time.  Meanwhile, I do what I can and try to establish a relationship with him that we can keep building on and moving forward together with.  The return of the white line has led me to wonder if we have greater issues going on, but I can't chase every thought.  His returning attitude for tacking up makes me suspect ulcers. His loss of confidence out on trail riding alone leaves me questioning his confidence in me... Sometimes I wonder what I have gotten myself into...

Saturday was Asher's last soccer game for the winter - a few weeks off and then Spring SOCA starts... which means a new schedule for accommodating a practice and Karate during the week!

We made it home and into the house before the weather let loose.  Started as heavy downpour, quickly added hail for a good 15 or 20 min... Crazy!
Just a few min in


Hail pile/flood

One of the pieces on our porch
Once the weather cleared we all went out to the barn and Doug installed new brackets a coworker made for my transporting my portable panels...  After, I brought Prophecy out for the kids to brush.  He wasn't too thrilled, and earned himself a few good reminders that grabbing me is not acceptable (he got my jacket a few times).

I returned on Sunday with original plans to haul him to a friend's place to ride with her gelding. Adjusting to the ever changing life situations, we did not get to do that.  But, I did still hook up and start prepping for our ride coming up. I filled up my water tanks and have some of his ration balancer packed up.   I did a few tweaks on the panel tie-downs on and then went out to get him from the field...

I've noticed this past week he is not as easy to catch, usually blowing past me and waiting at the gate instead of standing in the field to be haltered.  Today was much of the same.  As frustrating as it is, I do enjoy watching them run and play so I just stood back and recorded it ... This is Prophecy and his pasture-mate Ransom, across the driveway you can see Marty running along too.

Pretty moving boys

So after about 10 min of running themselves around and doing some gelding play (rearing, biting, etc), Ransom decided to roll and then was done playing so I was able to walk up to Prophecy and bring him in.  He wasn't 'sweaty' but could feel his warmth for sure.  We went into the wash stall and cross ties to groom - he wasn't too thrilled.  Then we went to the round pen to work on some lunging and moving off cues.

Lastly, we headed out to the trailer and practiced loading to make sure he would be good for Saturday - since it has been a few months since his last trip!  Took about 20min to get him on a few times. And he got to enjoy carrots, peppermints and and small amount of his buddies grain as reward.  Of course there was a second brush out for completion, and hoof treatments before turning back out.

Planning to get a few short rides in this week before we head off for our intro ride at the new Blackwater Swamp Stomp!  Will update upon our return :)

all ready to go!


  1. Griffin, these are the kind of horse's that teach us the most. I bet he is sensitive and responsive to most things. Lots of ground work, and round pen, and establishing relationship. If you suspect ulcers a course of omeprazole (and a couple weeks R&R) might do wonders. Hugs to you, I know you have had a tremendous struggle in all this.

  2. I know it's not something we all have control of, but along with doing what makes sense for ulcers, see if you can mix up riding in different places with other people. One of my mares just hates going out alone from my house. Anything different, place or other horses and she's fine. And obviously you've been doing lots of playing with saddle configurations and pads recently, he might be tired of the fiddling. It's hard to know what to pay attention to when a horse has a history of girthiness. I have one that bites my leg when she doesn't like the pad and I tested a bunch on her last summer. I kept going back to one that I knew didn't bother her so she didn't develop habits.

    1. Yep, exactly why the last time I saddled him I just went back to what I knew worked before all the fiddling. I haven't ridden him the last few times I went out there - just ground work sans saddle. He is being very touchy over grooming recently, which I need to do get the mud off and help with the shedding lol.