Sunday, February 5, 2017

getting ready

Well, we knew were going to upgrade on the truck this year and decided to do it at the end of January. Turned out to be a blessing in disguise at the trade-in inspection reveal a possible transmission issue that you can bet I would have been the one left stranded while hauling.  We need some more back-seat room for the kids and decided to go Crew Cab this time.  I love the new F150s; huge tow capacity on the 3.5 V6 and I'm more than covered with my 2H steel gooseneck at it's max weight expected with 2 horses and stuff.
It is a beast compared to the old F150, but so much fun :)

It is still Doug's everyday vehicle, but I do get to drive it on occasion and of course it is my hauling and camping vehicle :)  This week it goes back for the bedliner spray-in and then I can bring it to my trailer guy to have the new hitch put in (with an extender for the short bed).

I will be ready to go for our first ride March 5th, with a least one practice haul/ride before! lol

I'm definitely keeping us at the intro level this ride. It will be a good gauge of his mental status with the ride hustle and bustle.  He did well camping at IMJ, but I didn't get a chance to ride at all while there.

We tried out the Skito in the round pen - just walked around in a halter and lead rope. He has a great stop and did well responding to my leg - he kept asking to go out through the gate so I know he wanted to do more! (fortunately had it closed). I'd like to get the pad centered more in the gullet, but otherwise seemed to feel pretty good and this cut works under the Quilty.  Again he gave me the offside for mounting from the fence... Unfortunately my right side mounting skills need some refreshing (and hip stretches!)  ;)
I also added my rhythm bells on this time.  Something for us to listen to while out on trail and scare up the deer.

With the impending start of our endurance season comes all the plans/goals/dreams for the year.  It is looking like we be pretty light on the rides until August.  I'm really hoping we can step into 50s in the fall, but I know that is a long ways off and a lot can change between now and then.  There are some kinks to work out in his training still, miles to get riding, and shoes to get put on (or boots)... It seems like all the stars have to align.  Either way, we will enjoy the time getting there.  He is fun to take on the trails around the farm alone, not horribly spooky and likes to keep going - not trying to return to the barn or call to his buddies.  New boarders are expected in the spring who love to trail ride, and I'll be able to trailer out to meet some local endurance folks too.  Weather permitting on the days I can ride - we will make it happen!

I didn't go ride Thursday eve - I took the chance to get a much needed massage on my shoulders and neck!

So I went out on Sunday, which was the slightly better of the two days for weather (they were both pretty nice for Feb!)  Sunny, mid 50s, some strong wind out of the trees at times.

Worked on his cross-tieing while tacking up... Better, but was getting scolded here for pawing.  We rode in the Skito this time. I left the inserts in, and it felt a bit "springy" at the trot.  Still rolls a little, but it was mainly at a huge spook that sent us tipping, however he stopped quickly and let me fix us without having to get down.

 It was a better ride with Ransom - Prophecy wasn't being quite as obnoxious about needing to be up front.  Our issues came on the hill in the meadow as I have not allowed him to trot/run down it yet and Ransom did, and then at the back side of the pasture where the other 2 horses decided to run up and go bucking along the fence-line with us.

Heading out again Monday!  Getting this boy into shape for 2017!

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