Wednesday, February 22, 2017

One hurdle down

Yay, truck and trailer are done! Hitch is in and I had the full hook up checked for level and turning radius.  I have more than enough room to move forward and be completely cranked on the truck (like a u-turn) without worrying about the cab by using the hitch extender.  The set up was actually level without adjusting, and I have MORE clearance from the trailer to the truck rails than I did before (even though the bed feels so much taller standing next to it).

It was a little unnerving driving it for the first time.  Different hauling experience for sure compared to the 2008!

Now this weekend I need to hook up and take Prophecy somewhere to ride :P ...  I have tentative plans, but have to see what the weather does.

Next and last is getting my new and improved heavy duty panel brackets up.  Doug will help me mount them this weekend; they are all going on the passenger side since I have enough length to hang 2 sets of 4 without issue.  It was a tight fit to have one set under the awning before so this will make that less a hassle to tie in place.

Finished up for the night
Monday's ride was less tense for Prophecy. I decided to play music while we rode and try an ease my tension too. He was a bit "looky" with a big spook once and a few smaller tantrums, but overall much better than Sunday. I felt comfortable having him trot and not feeling like he would blast all out, unlike Sunday.

I worked him in the round pen a bit more before our ride, and got to see a nice extended trot using the Scoot Boots.  I think he is adjusting well to them :)  I really like how simple they are to get on and off!

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