Sunday, February 12, 2017

wacky weather

What a week of weather we have had... Last Monday was beautiful again and the barn manager and I took the boys for what was supposed to be a relaxing walking ride after I got out of work ... HAH!  Minor meltdowns on both their parts made for just a short ~1.5mile jaunt.  Live to ride another day!

Monday through Wednesday was warm, hitting 71... the weather turned leaving us in the low 40s Thursday with major winds keeping us feeling like 20s!  I did not have time to ride Thursday as I was taking the truck back out to the dealership 1.5hrs from the barn to have the bed-liner done. I did freeze a bit between doing a mock hookup on the trailer to the truck and getting Prophecy's supplements set up for the week.  Things looked good between them, might need a little re-leveling but it isn't on completely level ground so hard to say for sure. I'll get a better idea once the hitch is on. One of the machinists at work used to work for a big trailer company here and is going to help me get panel brackets onto the trailer again, hopefully in time for our intro ride in a few weeks!

Friday was much of the same at barely 40, but less wind.  Prophecy has been using the shelter just fine, so we haven't had to blanket since the single digit weather last month.  Friday was his trim, and he has a crack on his right front that had a pebble stuck and made it back to the white line, so it was opened up for me to treat and hopefully keep ahead of white line disease.  I guess this will be our battle... we have a nice spot indoors to deal with it during the winter in the wash stall so that won't hinder us too bad...just the "time" thing of that I want to ride and he needs to soak! At least it is only one foot this time (knock on wood).

 And then this weekend we returned to 60s and 70s!

First picked up the truck Saturday morning - bed-liner is done, interior and exterior protection as well. I put in some new floor mats (weather-tech like) and kick mats for the back of the front seats.  Hitch is next on the list to get things ready to roll!

Asher had a soccer game too.  Very evenly matched teams and he had his best game yet getting more aggressive going after the ball. He is a very good defender and likes to play goalie too.

Sunday we had a summer camp fair to go to (now have lots to figure out and quickly as space here doesn't last!), then I headed off to the barn. It was 82 according to my car! Brushing him out I didn't notice any shedding, so I guess spring isn't too close yet... The wind picked up earlier than expected, and did not have any riding buddies today, so I decided to work in the round pen on mounting.  I made some changes to the Ghost, adding shims to the front panels to help with his downhill build so I wanted to see how that felt, as well as trying a longer girth.
This is what Prophecy thought of the block...

We actually had a really good time of mounting with just the halter and waiting to walk off!  We made a few laps around the pen, then I got down and repeated the mounting request.  I decided to give it a go and put his bridle on and opened the gate so we could head out on trail.  Yeah, the wind was just too much today for Prophecy.  1/2 mile loop back to the barn is all we did then I played some more with the saddle set up to make sure the panels are in the right spots and back to treating that front hoof for WLD. Prophecy enjoyed his massage while he soaked, and a yummy carrot :)

And tomorrow/Monday is supposed to be a huge temperature shift again...Windy overnight, not quite making it to 40 with windchill in the 30s for tomorrow :(  Not sure if we will ride or just treat that hoof again.

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