Sunday, March 19, 2017

ice, hooves, and birthdays!

A week long recap...
Last Sunday was a nice enough day weather wise so Kayla & I took the boys for a trail walk.  Sprite (her TB) likes to think boogeymen are everywhere, so leave it to my trusty hiking buddy Prophecy to show him that trails can be relaxing and fun to wander!

Of course he acted like a dang toddler the whole time reaching out touch my shoulder, grab my hood, grab a twig or leaf ... silly thing. But, Sprite was fairly relaxed himself and we hope to continue on these walks together at least once a week.

Monday the storm rolled in...
And left us with some ice here at home, which cancelled the preschool and a 2hr delay for the county.  So I got a day home with Skyler to work - except we lost power right after my shower!  So, we ran around town and met Doug for lunch.  Then we had to pick up Asher from school because all after school activities were cancelled due to no power at his school as well! (they are only 2 miles from home)...I was finally able to get some work in late afternoon and have the kids watch some movies.

It was pretty while it was here; quickly melted and turned to mud ... Here are some pictures from our property romp with the kids early that morning.

Fortunately it did not dump on VA as much as they thought it would, so my long awaited appointment with a new farrier/trimmer was able to still happen Wednesday!  We have a plan to help Prophecy grow more hoof vertically instead of laterally, and I will learn how to keep up the trims in between.  I am now on the "schedule" for when she is in our area every 5 weeks and she has a thought for another more local guy that might be willing to become part of our team to keep his hooves functioning the best.  It was very interesting to have someone to explain the anatomy as we worked through the trim, and she made a few changes on the back hooves as well to see if it alleviates some of the lower back/hip 'lock-up'.  The WLD isn't as bad as I thought would be, and I will persevere with the white lightening on occasion and artimud to pack the gaps. It appears the area of concern on the right front outer quarter is more of an "anatomy thing" that isn't detrimental to him, just something to keep up on.  For now, no x-rays, and we will work to get his feet where we want them before putting shoes on.  No reason for shoes at the moment, as we can use the Scoot Boots for conditioning. Shoes will be for when we get to some competing - hopefully late summer or fall.
He gave her a run for her money on the back hooves, especially that back right he has always been sensitive over holding up.  She put up with his red-headed antics patiently and commented on his toddler like mentality... such an impatient guy who must keep that mouth busy!  Next time I think we will try the duct-tape trick on the nose and see if it occupies/entertains him a while!

Before...(not quite 5weeks post last trim)

All done

I decided to make it a round pen day for Prophecy.  He does pretty well, until I ask him to switch directions, then it we have a mis-communication for a bit on him thinking I want him to yield his hindquarters or back when really I'm just trying to send him off!  We worked through it, not our most successful day, but he knows how to lighten the mood.  I had left him to walk over in the sun as it was cooling down... I'm not sure if he was saying "I'm done, here's what I think of this" or "Hey, aren't we still going?"

Dragging the line to me

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Doug's 40th and Obi is 4!
After I was done with Prophecy I went back to work to decorate Doug's cube... I also had some help decorating a conference room for Friday morning and we pulled off a surprise breakfast for him.  We went out to lunch, and then he took the afternoon off to enjoy at home.  Then we had steak for dinner and enjoyed a Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia Ice Cream cake!

Obi & Asher relaxing

Sunday was Prophecy's birthday (9)!  I went out and rode a bit, just over 2 miles. First "ride" since we returned from Blackwater actually....and I wish I could say it was back to our old selves... While it generally went better - he got into a big fit of throwing the head and body around and refusing to go where asked nicely.  Eventually my patience of moving forward just a little a time, calmly without flailing about, got us to our end point.  I walked him back in and then made him work some more in the round pen after.  We ended on a good note and gave him some carrots to enjoy and a toy out in the field for a birthday treat.



So what is next for us? Well, I have an appointment with a trainer that was recommended by a few friends about an hour away to do two 1/2 day private lessons/clinics starting this coming weekend. I'm hoping to figure out what the holes are that we need to fix and how to work through them myself with him.  If things go well with that, my hope it is to go to Bull Run trail ride with him at the end of April which is 3 days of riding for fun, and would be good mental and physical work for him - if he can handle it.  If not, well then we wait to do something else later.  I will get this figured out!

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