Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Regroup and Adjust

The trip back from Blackwater Sunday was uneventful and he was happy to be back out with his buddies. I figured he'd run off for a roll, but he was more interested in the grass and later I heard them running about while I was unpacking the trailer.
waiting to be turned out once stripped of the cooler back home
Sarah chatting with Kayla & I while he chills
Monday he enjoyed a magna-wave session from Sarah @ Hands Hooves Hearts.  I had scheduled it before our ride for a "check-in" on how he held up to a 13 mile intro.  Well, obviously he didn't do as much riding as I hoped, but it has been a while since his last appointment and I went ahead with this appointment anyway.  (Besides, I won sessions for him in a drawing earlier this year we need start using them!) Before Sarah arrived I had planned to work him in the round pen a bit...Since dinner had not been served yet, and now Marty is out in the field too, the boys decided yet again to run around playing (notice his chest marks from such playing).  Ugh.  Someone does not want to be caught before dinner anymore!
His session went pretty well - she remarked on how much better he is looking - trimming down and getting more fit since she saw him last in Nov.  He was a bit more sensitive to the magna-wave as a whole on the right side of his body compared to left, and he was desperately trying to convince us he was not enjoying it with his glares; but his sighs and one cocked back leg blew his cover lol

So now we re-group and move forward, with the goal to get to some rides and be both physically and mentally ready late summer or fall and get some completions! (LD or more)

First & foremost with him, I'm starting with hooves. No hoof, no horse. He isn't lame, but he is back to being sensitive on the hard ground...I have already scheduled him with farrier/trimmer recommended for my 'area' (she is really like 2 hours away, but will be in our area on the 15th). I'm totally willing to haul him to have his feet addressed properly going forward, and when I meet with her we can figure out if X-rays are the next step or if what is going on is more obvious relating to his growth tendencies and trims.

Once we have a plan of action to get him comfortable and growing/trimming correctly, for the riding part I plan to haul out for small group rides at least once a month with him to get exposure and slowly add on to increase the "pressure" of being like an endurance ride.  We will continue to work on ourselves with lessons as well, and maybe if we luck out with taxes this year I can send him off for a month of more intense work with a trainer to solidify his base and help us work through any holes.

Needless to say, my thoughts of what we might do this spring have changed. There are several "fun rides" in the area to camp at coming up, but I don't know that he is ready for that either. He needs more time to mature and settle into what he is being asked to do. I know he loves the trails, now we just have to make it less overwhelming to enjoy with other horses around!

In general, the list of To-Dos never seems to end in spring...March the trailer is due for inspection, the barn is doing spring shots, and he is also due to see the Osteopath again soon to have his body rechecked and adjusted.
We will just keep moving forward, One step at a time...

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