Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Bits and pieces

Last week I did not get to ride at all, just as I expected - Spring break had our schedule for drop off and pick up of kids all out of wack and we had lots of rain.  Friday I did manage to run out and do a quick field grooming session with him and then hit TSC to pick up our chicken-coop to be used as part of Loki's outdoor oasis in nice weather :)
Silver is now out in the field with Ransom & Prophecy - he seems to keep to himself and avoid the other two so far.

The little herd of 3 boys on Friday
 We built the coop Saturday, but the night was expected to be pretty cold, so waited till Sunday to move him outside. We added some solar lights from Lowes to illuminate the path - $12 for a pack and they are pretty bright!

Night check - Loki's glaring eyes from inside

Loki seems to be adjusting just fine to the new house now. We will wait a bit yet until we let him loose all day long. Right now we just let him run around in the evenings and put away when it is dinner time for him/bed time for kids.  It has been interesting to get into a new groove of feeding and giving him the insulin with him outside instead of in the basement bathroom.

On Sunday I met up with Jen and her mare Ruby to ride again.  We had an issue right off the bat even with a crupper and the first incline.  So, I hopped off and back on at the bottom. Not sure if he was objecting to the crupper engaging or the saddle sliding, no bucks but not happy and moving sideways.  Our new mohair cinch is in process (first one ended up being too short so she is remaking it longer) and the Dixie Midnight pad arrived Monday of course - so I won't get to test it till the weekend. His build is just killing me with saddle fit!  Skito doesn't think he needs shims based on pics, and when I have added them anyway to test it out it feels like too much and throws me off balance.  Might have to keep trying thinner versions to see if I can even him out... just been going without any so far, and I already know wool fleece is super slick on his coat, so not getting much improvement (DM pad should help if that is the real issue).  Next is the SPH wool pad we are waiting on...

The ride went pretty well - the two of them were pretty darn peppy so we did a bunch of 'repeat loops' to keep the barn sour attitudes in check.  And despite the fact that Prophecy has never competed, he certainly gets an attitude about having another horse coming up behind him that he can hear.  He will be wearing red & green ribbons on trails to be safe, tho the worst he did was pin his ears and body shift before I'd correct him.  I need to get my helmet cam situated again since I can't seem to take pics on horseback lately!  It bounced a lot on the Uvex the last few videos I took, so I need to try and lock it down better.
We got ~3.5 miles in and the horses enjoyed a bath after in the 80 degree weather.  Turn out of course then equaled roll time :)  And Ransom must copy!

Monday morning was Spring Vet time... Poor Prophecy had to stand quite a while waiting in cross ties as the vet was late, but he was very good overall for his shots & coggins (and teeth checked out good, no float). Thankful for a horse that takes needles easily! (I have heard many a horror stories of ones who don't, but haven't owned one myself)  So, no riding planned this week either due to outside influences, but hoping to get something in Saturday morning, then I have to drop the trailer off for its yearly inspection & service next week.

Some of Prophecy's antics under saddle have led me to questioning the bit I use.  He will go behind it often when 'upset;' not much head throwing UP (for which a martingale would help teach not to do), but down.  I've been emailing with Myler as I have an MB-04 3-ring on him, and they suggest the MB-33 instead to give more tongue relief. Hoping I can trade someone!  He has done this head thing in every bit I have used or seen him used with, so the idea to try more relief makes sense.  If we can get past some other items, I'd really like to try the S-hack or a Indian Hackamore/Squeeze Bosal instead of a bit as our norm.

And while trying to figure the bit out, I have found that he has an interesting head structure  -   I have to go with a horse size browband to keep the snap on bridle away from his eyes, and yet the curb strap on the combo bit (adjustable) is way too big for him as tight as it will go, but fit Tesla fine - who took the arab size everything and had what seemed to be a more refined head structure. Go figure.
So, not only do I need to do the different bit mouthpiece, but I will need to make a shorter strap for him as well if I stick with a combo.

Prophecy & Ransom, the two peas in a pod grazing together

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