Saturday, April 15, 2017

Going somewhere

So this past week we didn't ride, but I was able to swing a ride with Jen & Brian again - this time we hauled out Saturday morning.  Preddy Creek is right around the corner from our house basically, but I have never ridden there...We've taken the kids several times to hike tho!

I arrived to hook up and grab tack on schedule, and Prophecy loaded like a champ.  He got a little antsy waiting on Ruby & Silver to get loaded up and then we hit the road.  Unloaded well and tacked up fairly calmly too. I got to try out the Dixie Midnight pad too.  I think it did help with the slipping, now I just have to get it "right" for the pad. I don't want to cut it down until I nail down what pad we are using tho.

It was the first ride in a long time I have had where he did NOT get all balled up at some point! What a great feeling!   He was a little antsy when first mounting having to wait on Ruby, but I walked him around a little and that seemed to help.  We started out last/3rd, and that helped some, though he was a bit head tossy.  The only dismount came due to a downed tree as we decided to walk Ruby & Prophecy around it. Silver is much taller and could step over it easier.  Then Prophecy moved to being the 2nd horse behind Ruby.

We came up on a trio of bikers, who politely yielded to us, and while Prophecy wasn't so sure, we did walk past fairly calmly behind Ruby.  I am not sure how much bike exposure he has had before, so I was prepared for much worse!  We passed other people hiking, to which Prophecy happily got a pet on the nose by one lady in the group and eventually we took the lead.  Our pace drastically slowed some, as every tree stump or overturned root ball was something to spook at, and the wood benches along the trails were definitely a scary thing!  A few rocks required in depth investigation...another group of bikers (actually I think same from the first round?!) coming toward us to go past - and he did while in the lead!  A few more bikers to come up behind us to stop and let pass, a couple walking with their 3 legged dog pulling them along, and a group of horses going the other direction to let by. He led for quite a while, but as we came down by the creek there was a upturned tree with a root ball on the side of the trail taller than us, he stopped and spun sideways when asked to walk past.  So, Ruby took the lead for us and we finished our ~5mile ride with more gas in the tank and being a little grumpy about not leading 😏

The only picture I took was at the end...But Jen did grab a few of us to prove we were out there! I'm hoping to sort out the bouncing on my Uvex helmet and the camera so that I can take some videos soon :)

I used one of my portable water tanks to clean him off, as he definitely worked up a sweat at almost 80 and still shedding out winter coat.  Now loading up to go home was a little tougher, as he got obstinate once he saw Ruby & Silver load up.  Another rider out there parked behind us offered some treats, but I had his peppermint favorites.  Jen walked over and just urged him forward a bit as I led and he went on without much fuss. He did however talk/call out a ton on the first part of the drive back.  He was happy to run back out with Ransom when back at the barn, and then I ran the trailer up to the shop to leave it for the week/as long as needed to have the state inspection and yearly maintenance done.

Done, still ready for more
5 miles through the park

Later in the afternoon we went to one of Skyler's friends places for a quiet egg hunt. Kids had a fun (Doug included)  😛

Next week I'm auditing a clinic a few hours away for Simple Equine Teaching on Thursday. I'm hoping to get a ride in next weekend around the crazy schedule that seems to never end right now too. most of my friends will be at No Frills, but just not in cards for us this year. I did register us for Bull Run the last weekend of April - should be fun!

I have high hopes for us being on our way to more rides! 🐴

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