Friday, May 12, 2017

For a reason

Simply put, and has been said to me by a few of my friends lately as I navigate my plans with Prophecy:

Despite my struggles, I know this is true;  Prophecy and I have been put together for a reason.

Traveler was a difficult horse upon arrival - he had trust issues and had previously walked all over
one owner.  At the time, Parelli was big.  We learned some games and built a good ground relationship and respect and then continued in the saddle.  He was a 1 person horse. He "tolerated" other people, - he was never mean, always respectful, but I had a different side of him than anyone else when we were together.  He had some bad training that took a lot of work to teach him otherwise with help from a few trainers, but we got there and got him carrying himself more naturally (had been tied down and was tough mouthed due to harsh bits).  He hated the arena, would run me into fences in there, but loved to go down the trail.  Some herd bound issues, but we rarely rode alone so it didn't matter too much. He gave me his all. What a first horse to own and learn with...

Tesla had physical issues we had to find - his lower back and saddle fit.  Once that was straightened out, we really took off together.  Ok, trailer loading was a whole 'nother story, but we got through that eventually too! He was goofy and loved everyone, despite the near starvation rescue of him a few years prior to me. We rode alone and in groups...I will cherish our last LD ride at Gobble together as we rode a lot of that alone, starting 15min or so late and just powering down the trails together.

Now here I am...struggling to make it/do it all right with Prophecy, but I'm learning.  I think there are physical issues, but have yet to nail down exactly what.  We have gotten his hooves back in line and working towards balance and proper growth (as in up instead of flare). I continue to work on saddle fit and managing his weight. I am also continuing to learn how to communicate more like a horse via the SET classes and will be bringing him in August to a clinic to work with Dee. I have explored 'alternative'  methods and learned more about his past and how he feels now.  I am starting to understand why he does what he does and I'm working to 'restart' him, to teach him that it isn't about Go fast, hard, and painfully through life. He is almost a combination of my two before, but different enough to really put me to the test! I know it will be worth it in the end, and we will be that much stronger of a team together in anything we do.

Right now we are in the midst of "May showers", especially on weekends!  Which makes it really hard to get time to ride, give Doug yard work time, and help him with the deck building (aside from Soccer and normal chores).  I tried to grab a ride last Sunday when the weather cleared, but unfortunately my ankle was not so thrilled about the idea so we just hung in the round pen. Monday I made an appointment for PT and went on Wednesday - learned a bit more about myself, as I sprained ankles a lot when younger and have had other injuries and surgeries to fix the ramifications of 'loose joints' throughout my body.  There is quite a bit of instability in that right ankle right now, so I start next week with 2x a week for 4+ weeks of therapy to reduce inflammation and improve movement first, then start strengthening it.  The PT knows how important the ankles are in riding  :)

My visit Thursday night was in the rain of course, and considering my ankle I didn't attempt to ride.  I did play a little bit with saddle set up (removing the pommel bolster and adding inserts back into the matrix)...I really want to try out our impression pad and see if there any areas of concern with the Ghost set-up in various configurations of pads/shims.  He is still showing a little back sore behind the cantle; but his head carriage may be the cause as opposed to the saddle itself.  Argh -  I must wait until I can actually walk and trot+ comfortably to use it!

Grazing in the misty rain

We shall see what this upcoming weekend has in store, hoping to squeak in a ride if my ankle, and weather, lets me - at least around the driveway or something! Next week we have a fitting with Crestridge Saddlery while she makes her way through the area to see what size tree he would need in their saddle, if any will fit him properly (she has something like 22 trees to work with).

And I found someone to trade bits with to get him the Myler Combo with greater tongue relief which should happen next week, so maybe the following weekend we can test it out.  I may just go for it and try the S-hack if I am bit-less at any point when I can grab a ride.

We have not used the Scoot Boots much lately as I'm working to toughen up the hooves some and he isn't being as ouchy on the rocks. He has also started his new supplement regime which treats him like an IR horse so we can hopefully make some headway to reduce his weight quicker than last year. (which includes wearing a muzzle during the day; when I can get a Greenguard for him he will probably wear it all the time except during meals through to Oct!)

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