Tuesday, May 30, 2017

fun times

Our new bit arrived over last weekend and I was able to test it out on that Sunday late.  Prophecy took a few minutes to settle it in his mouth and then seemed content.  This Myler Combo has much more tongue relief than the previous. I am looking forward to testing it out further this upcoming week.

This rump will look good all muscled up one day!  His back is starting to look better with the changes in diet and muzzling the past few weeks.  His neck is still a little cresty, and he still has some fat buildup, but hopefully re-starting the straight MagOx will help with that soon.  I actually noticed a change between last Monday & Thursday evening (pics from the Sun prior) of the softness of it all.

We took the round pen that Sunday with my camera running so I could maybe see signals I'm missing from him about our issues under saddle.  Of course, since it was for some reason stuck on looping and only taking 1 minutes videos at a time, it missed the one thing I wanted to see when he copped an attitude and bounced. A gentle reminder that I did not appreciate such antics and all was good after.  In fact, I don't think he flipped his nose once while we were riding or tossed his head about.  I did a lot of loose rein walking in there, changing directions asking for shoulder movements and such.  I didn't ride long, we did more ground work after as I also had in him Scoot Boots to start using them again and I was purposely wanting to get into the canter in the pen to see him move, which is just too tight a space to ask under saddle.

And his new Safety Halter came from Beta Tack too :)  We fitted that on Monday night, expecting the Greenguard Muzzle to arrive ... but USPS lost it!  Thankfully the company is great to work with and shipped a new one overnight UPS for us and we will just wait and see if the other shows up to return to them.

And the muzzle did arrive Thursday after they switched carriers with overnight shipping. So hopefully now he can be a bit more comfortable overall as it he developed a "Not going over my ears" attitude with the Tough1 muzzle.

Looks like a monster, but he can yawn and move his mouth around better now!

Memorial Day weekend was a busy one!

The cousins 
Saturday my brother and his family visited on their way to DC.  We haven't seen them since Asher was just over a 2 ....  The kids had fun, as they have only Skyped any time recently.  We even got his girls to like dogs ;)  Gypsy and Obi are great breed ambassadors - not jumpy or barky and loved all the attention.

Ziggy at a our break/turn around spot -
Frills using a tree to scratch in the background
Sunday I got the opportunity to ride at Graves, but didn't take Prophecy - I was on my teammate Ricky's 50mile horse Ziggy while his wife Amy was doing her final prep rides on her mare Frills for the their 100 at Old Dominion in a few weeks!  Amy and I talked a lot about Prophecy when I was just thinking about pursuing him last year, and have chatted many times since. She is also a wealth of endurance knowledge and another who was telling me Tesla & I could do a 50 and to just get over myself lol.  I wish we had had the chance to do so...
We had a wet start, middle, and end!  But it was fun anyways :) 60s and rain is a lot more comfortable than 40s with rain that we have done at real rides.  Plus I got to really test out an Outback jacket I bought almost 3 years ago now and use it more at home than on rides! Ziggy was a saint for me, dealing with my struggle to keep my right foot in the stirrup and figuring out what feels good for posting, etc in a saddle I had never ridden in before. It was great to get out and ride with Amy and have a relatively uncomplicated time (2 sideways spooks) and chat about life.  Amy told me I did good, as Ziggy's back wasn't sore after our 18+ miles lol.  I told Ricky I might be swayed to catch ride her sometime...

Monday we spent the day in the Natural Bridge area with the kids.  We started at the zoo and then took them to the park to see the actual bridge.  Doug & I last visited 11yrs ago!

And the lowdown on my ankle... I'm a month from the initial injury date and 2 weeks of PT is complete, and while I can ride it is definitely still healing and they suggested finding a brace that works in the stirrups for added support.  The ability to balance on that foot alone is limited and something they are working on. My main therapist feels through palpation that one of the ligaments is likely torn, so she is building up the other 2 and the surrounding muscles to try and take over for it.

The doctor's notes I have tell me more detail on the "old injuries" she noted on the x-rays.  I did break this foot in several places in 6th grade, but hard to tell if that is when these things she sees happened!  More interesting to note is that I am keep my eye on things to see if I have Os Trigonum Syndrome on this foot.  I had it in high school on my left ankle, which is when I found I was one of the lucky 5-10%  born with this bone - in both ankles!  I broke this little bone on the left when my ankle gave out, and after a year of trying to figure out the pain, in & out of casts and having a steroid shot, they finally found it on MRI/Bone Scan and opted to remove the bone.  Apparently I have at some point broken it on the right too, as well as evidence of an avulsion fracture distal the lateral malleoulus.  This trauma to the ankle has probably irritated everything back there.  I am hopeful PT will do the trick, but I know the next steps to take if not.

I used the brace (and ice) a lot over this Memorial Day weekend, between the ride and the hiking.  It actually feels pretty decent this morning, but PT later may say otherwise!

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