Tuesday, May 16, 2017

More saddles!

So Sunday I was able to ride Prophecy without much pain!  My ankle felt tight, but did not hurt to mount 😌  My first PT session was Monday afternoon and I swear I was walking better going IN than out! 😵 but, I know my ankle needs it.

I decided to ride in his S-hack and one of his new rope halters made to fit that head of his!  I like how the halter now stays where it should behind his jaw. He gave me some of the head tossing nose flips as he would with a bit, and the lip flapping he does when annoyed, but took well to it again in the round pen (been a while since we used it!) and then we walked up and down the driveway a few times.

Chilling with the BOT pad before riding
I have been working with Badlands Equine to dial in on his saddle and decided to add inserts back into the matrix and remove the pommel bolster to see how it feels, while leaving his shim on the right shoulder.  Well, that 1.5" extra made me have to shorten my stirrups all the way to account for the extra width on him 😏  I might need to get a shorter set!  I'll have to ride longer and see if we do in-fact still need that bolster so I don't feel tipped forward or have an arched back (the pictures show a slight arch, but I am still dealing with the ankle feeling off so not sure how valid it is yet).

I love the Ghost - very comfy saddle and the panels do adjust well for fitting his shoulders.  I am now just trying to find the right pad combo (including cinch) for both of us to keep it from rolling on him or scooting around due to lack of wither!  I have a cool pressure pad to try out and I plan to soon to see how this all checks out for him and try different combos with and without inserts in the pad.  Then when I add the Dixie Midnight pad back under I know it won't scoot around as much... If the matrix stays our main pad, I think we will have to go down in thickness from the ortho-impact for him.  I've got the SPH to try out too when it arrives (only a few more weeks we hope) and might try out a few others from friends again.

I do still want to find a treed saddle - I think it will help get us through some of the current issues we are working on as a tree should feel more secure with less movement on him - I can sit spinning spooks and bucks in the Ghost, but that seriously fast movement does move the saddle and force a re-adjustment after.  On that note, I had Crest Ridge Saddlery come out to do a fitting for him on her route through VA - with many trees to check fit on him and just as many saddles for me to sit in find my seat size and preferred style, it was worth a very reasonable fee for gas to do!  Of course she commented on how overweight he is at the moment, but his shoulder angle won't change once that weight it removed.  And guess what he fitted to be - EWX = Their Draft bar/angle. It did fit his shoulder profile nicely which has been a struggle in every treed saddle I've tried on him.  Turns out my different attempts at doing wither tracings and not believing the measurements I was seeing were actually right!  So I have a few saddles I'm searching for a steal of a price to have as our back-up saddle in the right size tree and short back... Either that or I need an unexpected bonus/money tree so I can buy a new one made for him! 😉 🙏

He is now on 24/7 grazing muzzle other than meals (as we had 2 more weeks of rain) and back on MagOx added with his other supplements hoping to keep him in check.  Unfortunately, his Tough1 muzzle is already rubbing, but thankfully Greengaurd got their horse size back in stock, gave me a discount for contacting them, and his new one is on it's way as well as a new padded safety halter made to fit him by Beta Tack!  I should be able to set up him this weekend for his new pasture wardrobe until Oct...poor guy, but it is for his own good.

Hoping to ride a bit further this weekend than the driveway with Jen & Ruby!

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