Monday, June 5, 2017

Dare I say it?

...that we might finally have the right combination of tack?!  Fingers crossed, knock on wood, and anything else to keep up the good juju! lol

Last week we hit a milestone: I have had Prophecy a year now.  I cannot deny in the past several months doubting my ability to bring him along, or our 'gel' as a partnership.  But, I also know I felt about him at his arrival and many times since... What happened earlier this year between us and the energy level shift really shook my confidence.  It took riding a horse I knew nothing of, flying along with little reservation, to see that I needed to get the attitude in check and energy stabilized again (along with a few blunt words in the SET group!)

So Thursday while I didn't feel we should hit the trails alone, I did ask that the horses in the one field be held up a bit to go out for their night turn-out so I could ride in a more open yet enclosed area (no outdoor arena yet, and round pen is too small to do much and muddy right now).  I arrived with a new attitude. Mind over matter - I checked my emotional baggage, and guess what?  Prophecy was great for tacking up as my own energy was calm about it and not anxious for his dancing.  I took him to the back part of the pasture and asked him to come up to the fence for me to mount.  A few tries and he willingly shoved over to me and I hopped on.  I was in my brace and my saddle felt great for it (I think the Desoto I was riding Ziggy in has the stirrups too far forward for my liking); used his matrix with inserts back in, no pommel bolster but right shoulder shim, and the MB33 combo bit.  Saddle still shifted a little side to side, but I was not using the Dixie Midnight under the matrix.  We walked and trotted, played with the ball some for fun, and he asked to get some water ...

All seemed to be well, and he got a hosing down after as the humidity was high so he was sweaty after just that small amount of work.

This weekend I sent in samples of the grass so we can get a solid idea of the mineral levels and make sure the supplementing is correctly balanced and keep him in check metabolically, therefore avoiding the bigger issues that could come along with his easy-keeping chunky self.

Saturday afternoon Doug & I finished framing the base of the deck in.  Next is the decking "floor". Next summer will be adding railing and such, but once the deck floor is in we can use it!

Sunday I met Jen to ride in the afternoon and she took Silver out.  Prophecy and he seemed to do pretty well together!  I think Silver's attitude of NEVER being a in a rush to go anywhere was good for us! lol.  We walked, trotted, and cantered a little bit!  Dare I say I may have the right combo figured out?! The same tack as Thursday + the pommel bolster added back (to prevent me feeling tipped at the trot), the Dixie Midnight under the matrix, and his crupper.
No head tossing (other than bugs), no refusal to go down any hill (and we went down the big one easily!), no balled up energy.  He was actually relaxed and happy to go out on trail.  In fact, he pulled to the right to NOT go back to the barn so we did a little loop behind the pasture before ending, hosing off  and lastly some well deserved grazing sans muzzle.
We had one discussion when he realized we were heading towards the gate and he wanted to run. That quickly subsided when he saw the cows were right against the fence and then we decided to go up and investigate.  Red-head with no fear!  He thought it was fun to push them off the fence-line :)

Dare I say I might have my horse back?  And that I might have re-found my "big girl panties" and ability calm my energy towards him?

Silver and Prophecy sharing tree leaves

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