Wednesday, June 14, 2017


I think I have my horse back :)  And me...  We had another great ride last Thursday evening with the barn manager and her big guy Willie.  Both boys need to work off some weight and gain some muscle tone.  It was their first time out together and had no issues.

Prophecy again was very happy to take off leading down the trails, once I pointed him in the direction of which trail.  We did big hills, had a jump spook for a deer running off in front of us, but no major discussions on speed or direction.  He seems to be back to his happy self, walking out, trotting and cantering willingly without the hint of a buck.  Saddle is staying in place on the steeper hills we have at the barn, and only shifting on the spooks a little - or, in our case when I went to mount and didn't have the cinch that extra 1/2 hole on one side tighter! oops.

I guess it is about time to trim down the Dixie Midnight to match the pad contour better (as well as make sure it won't be in the way on the longer cinch we are waiting on). My only issue tacking up at the moment is when I set that on first, evenly, it gets shifted when I put the saddle & pad on and have to fiddle a bit.  Prophecy doesn't appreciate that, but has gotten better about it.

Over the last month Prophecy has undergone diet changes, pasture changes, and human emotional interaction changes lol.  I have learned to keep myself calmer, to let go of my assumptions and hidden expectations (like of him misbehaving for tacking), and it has changed things for the better.  He has even decided being in the barn aisle cross-tied is preferred to standing in the sun single tied and has become quite relaxed for it all compared to before.  This is the time of year he really loves belly and chest scratches so I make sure to spend plenty of time doing that before and after working!

The diet and muzzle are working well. His body is slowly changing and he will continue to stay on the ThyroL.  He seems to feel better all around, so I don't want to rock the boat!  Our pasture analysis came back good and our current regime is balanced on minerals.

Another big milestone...

I now have a 3rd Grader and Kindergartener!  Yikes!

Last day of school - June 9

Skyler graduated from her Preschool
After the end of school we took a family trip to Williamsburg.  Particularly to hit Busch Gardens and Water Country.  This was Skyler's first experience at any type of amusement park, and Asher was not even 3 the last time we were at one.

They loved it :) Both had their first roller-coaster rides and water slides.  Asher even did one that went upside down (twice! once with each of us), though he didn't like the free-fall and hid his head he loved the rest.  I hadn't been on any in years, so it was fun to be a kid again!

Entering Busch Gardens
First stop was the stables!

Now we start the full swing of several different summer camps for Asher; Skyler will stay at her current school for their summer program.  He certainly is not going to be lacking for experiences in new places! :P

The first weeks/rest of June won't result in much changing of my barn time.  But after that we switch to places that are further away and I'll move to heading out late eve, most times after dinner through dark.  I'm hoping to get him trailering out on occasion too, in small riding groups, a few weekends.
I certainly have desires for the fall and getting him to a few AERC rides, but I've also made myself put those aside and see how the summer goes and how I can get him built up mentally to handle ride camp AND being asked to ride in/out of camp!

He was so good for his trim with Paige today. He loved his belly and chest scratches from me while she worked. He is looking pretty good too! Not so much belly from behind :P

Heading back out to graze

Other news on the home front is my decision NOT to continue with our home barn building plans.  It is just too much up front expense for a small acreage set up.  Sooo... on to other home improvement projects!

This past weekend was the OD... I have now missed that ride for two years.  I really hope to be back next year.

Tesla & me at the OD LD  in 2015 - leaving the VC I believe...It was HOT! and humid. We lucked out and had a light rain the last few miles and could fly into the finish in time with my now greenbean teammate Kristen & Flash.


  1. Griffin, a few squares of velcro on the underside of your pad, and upper side of the Dixie might sandwich those two items perfectly for you and end the slipping sliding, resetting. Best wishes! Jacke

    1. Thanks! I am going to trim the Dixie down to match shape better too, which should help with putting it all on together :P The velcro is a great idea and I have some of that around!