Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tuesday triumphs

I've concluded that in buying a horse you enter in an unknown, and somehow, all 3 of mine have had some pretty rough patches to work through from previous lives.  I guess if it was easy it wouldn't be "my style."  I mean really, we have a Golden from rescue that many people gave up on (and on occasion drives us nuts!), and Rotti that was rescued found wandering the streets of TX, who still even after 4years with us thinks food is going to disappear.
More on this thought later...

This past Friday after work I had planned to grab Prophecy, take some hoof/conformation photos, and fix up the Frankenstein muzzle to be less clunky (barn manager added metal clips because a pasture-mate was undoing the straps even with duck-tape).  Of course, it started a complete downpour with flash-flooding as I pull in.  I ended up doing a bunch of organizing between my stuff in the tack room and the trailer. Unfortunately, the heavier rain has shown there is still a leak in one window of the GN, so now I'm trying to figure out where the track is letting the water in.  It isn't huge, but I do have insulation up and hoping to get to adding wall coverings this year so need to fix that!  Plus, once I switch my mattress around the leak would end up on my head!

Saturday morning I met Jen to ride with her & Silver again, before the rain and heat of the day.  Prophecy and I had a few discussions about staying IN the barn when single tied in the aisle.  He was a little more "full of himself" on the ride compared to the previous ones, but not anything like the issues we had before, just more "yeehaw" attitude ... I figure it is because he had a full week+ off with our vacation timing, probably still adjusting from the recent trim, and I had thrown his front boots on to start using them again so we can hit rocky stuff soon.  A short 2 miles (as we are now dodging the flies on the trails harassing us), then hoof pics, a nice hose down and a few min to graze, and then I got to fixing the muzzle.

Almost ready to head out, sporting his Scoot Boots

I could actually take a picture,
 without fear of needing both hands
Monday night I went out to another set of storms rolling through...So, I decided to just hang in the pasture and see what happens. I hopped on the fence rail and eventually he came over for some scratching, nearly knocking me off trying to get his rump in the right spot for me.  I hopped down and did his belly and chest to his delight too.

Ooo that feels good
(he is nuzzling his muzzle while I scratch too)

Right there!
It was so peaceful hanging out listening to horses munch grass, birds in the trees, and the distant thunder rumbling as rain continued to lightly fall.

Back to beginning of this post...
I know I certainly do my due-diligence, but I also know there has to be a line drawn for exploring pain being the reason for under saddle responses vs. a training issue.  Tuesday morning was one of the final pieces of that exploration for me; A visit with an energy and body worker recommended by Dee as she felt from my descriptions of him in April that there was something missing in his physical assessments to get to the root of the issues. Bonus for us that she was able to come to me instead of hauling out several hours to have him worked on in a few weeks since she was coming through the area for other clinics/appointments.  What Sandy confirmed in her work this morning on him - He has an extreme amount of emotional baggage that he has been carrying around for years ... The "performance anxiety" that David pointed out - it is that.  He is holding on to expectations that aren't his own, or even mine right now, and it is causing him all sorts of distress physically.  His sternum and diaphragm were out again (which she explained how that is causing the saddle roll issue I have), his front end was not "talking to" his back end, there was tons of tension in the girth area.  He was actually playing tug of war with the me while holding his lead rope in his mouth as she worked to free him up when we reached a really tense spot (from previous stories you know he plays with just about anything in his mouth's reach normally, but this was definitely a tension thing).  It was really amazing to see as his body changed before us.

There is more yet to do to get him to release all the old memories (like I must find some sage this week), but I'm sure he will get through it and come out so much happier!  I "endured" many horse kisses & hugs from him during her work, along with impatient moments, but overall he did great and was much more relaxed in posture when she was done.  His tack is checking out good at this point - just have to see how he develops muscle wise if we will need to tweak things later!

Fingers crossed for no rain Friday night when I head out next!

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