Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A new path

I am really amazed by the support from friends - many I have never met in person!  Lots of suggestions to take in and sort through from those who have been there before, with same struggles or just slightly similar - tons of tidbits of information shared, and it not only could help me but maybe someone else as well who is struggling with that gut feeling something is NQR but can't put a finger on it.

There is a lot to consider for the future of Prophecy & me... that is just it, it isn't about the now. I want a decade horse, LD or endurance level doesn't matter really, just one that happily and healthily goes down the trail with me - granted I'd prefer we ditch the race brain part, but that may never happen! lol 
Don't get me wrong - I love to ride.  I will get my fix in somehow, but not on him before having a saddle that works again.

I don't give up easily.  While I know I may just keep peeling an onion, I will keep pressing forward with the simple fixes that I can until he tells me to do otherwise or we have resolution.  While I can't dole out endless funds in treatments and tools, I can give him time to heal; he has come such a long way in the year I've had him - physically and mentally.  We still have our challenges, but I'm hoping we can overcome them together. He knows I'm listening, that I'm looking out for his best interest. I cannot put my goals above his welfare.  It will only create resentment and pain for both of us.  

For now my plan is:
1. Try and toughen up his soles.  Shoes with pads may be the quick fix, and we may still end up there, but I can give him a month or two using Hoof Armor or the like to help him out.  He has good feet otherwise now that we have eliminated the WLD if we keep up the trims.
2. Look into hind hoof boots - they are not quite as round as the fronts, and generally don't flare which can be easier to fit.  Scoots may not be the answer yet until they release slims.  He definitely is not as ouchy on the back feet, but I can look into all around protection for when we ride again if we stay out of shoes. I'm lucky to have gotten the Scoots from Dave in AU and I love how easy they are to use.
3. Sell the Ghost ... try out other (more) treed saddles.  Gosh I hate to sell this saddle - so comfortable and secure even as a treeless...but I will do what I need to.  And the thought of the saddle hunt again on this horse, ack!
4. Get instructions/lessons on ground work exercises to help his back. And under saddle when we get back to that point.
5. Get him on a regular massage and magna wave schedule with Sarah.  
6. Keep hunting for a Bemer Blanket nearby to try - Thanks to Bobbie Jo L this may be figured out!  I also should use his BOT pad more often, despite the heat outside. He enjoys it, let it do its thing!
7. More Osteopath work?  

It's a start, and I have to start somewhere.  The whole thing is overwhelming at times as you could go an infinite number of directions. Everyone has an opinion on what I should do, and that is OK - I'm happy to hear them out and take them into consideration. In the end, it is up to me & Prophecy to figure out our path.

Thank you for reading along... I will continue to update our progress as we navigate our way through and see how things develop; hoping that 2018 will be our year!


  1. Just curious- Why are you so opposed to shoes? Why continue to try alternative remedies for his sore feet when shoes are the cheapest/most effective option at this point?

  2. Not opposed per say, but I want to give the natural state a chance. Shoes come with their own cons in use, the farriers words there.
    The sensitivity to rocks has been a more recent ouchy thing, so I want to give him a chance to toughen up the soles some. If it doesn't work, or he feels worse, then shoes go on. I can't ride right now anyway, and if I need to work him on rocks we have boots.