Monday, August 7, 2017

Step 1

While my last blog post started some very heated discussions, it has not deterred me from sharing!  People are entitled to their opinions, but folks need to understand: what works for one person may or may not work for another.  I got plenty of suggestions (and some reprimands/demands) as well as some interesting things to consider shared with me on FB and privately.

As we work our way through, I know that no improvement means move on to the next thing, but also don't change too many things at once.  He has been barefoot his entire life that I know of...He is not always ouchy on rocks (summer seems to be doing it with the change in wet/dry grass) so he gets the chance to be like a 'mustang' and condition his foot with a little help.
I am aware and accept the fact he still may not make an endurance horse.  He has a love to go and be on trail, but we will have to see what his body does.  I owe him the work and time to strengthen his back and find the best fitting saddle we can within budget, rather than toss him to next person. Not only that, I want to. I have invested so much in him <not talking $ here> and we have come so far to just let it go...
I am on the great saddle hunt again, but already have several prospects and suggestions to look into...without going completely custom.
My ghost is up for sale, tho not advertised online yet as I have a few interested in it that privately contacted me.

Step 1, the Hoof Armor came in and I put it on 8/3.  Not too bad a learning curve on the trigger (comes out fast) and Prophecy while not happy about his right front being handled at all, relaxed when he felt the armor warm up as I spread it around.

I find this snip-it in one of the articles I read hits home on horse soles and human feet - good comparison to what they feel.

Imagine walking across the kind of sharp stones commonly found in
driveways with thick soled boots. Now, imagine walking (or actually try it)
with only your socks on. I guess what you would do in the latter case is try
not to put your weight on your tender feet. If you did come down hard it
might hurt and it may damage the sole of your foot.

While I was doing the application on the hooves he got to stand with the BOT back pad... of course we also took time for scratches before & after.  He really didn't want me to put away the pad and got an extra 5min by nosing it when I was trying to fold it up.

A 2nd trim is scheduled for end of this week to work on the balance. I'll have to reapply the hoof armor afterward, and then when the farrier returns for the normal cycle we will see if shoes are the next step.

Other tools to be implemented and in the works:
TTouch & Bemer Therapy (Bobbie Jo found me a rep!) - Already working on a date for us to get him started.
Murdoch Method - been watching videos and tips. Attended a webinar on Sure Foot pads (which can also help me and this darn ankle!).  She is also kind of local and is doing various lessons and clinics nearby throughout the fall I will check into.
Backing practice (uphills and along fence-lines - we were kind of already doing it but not consistently).

Take off!

I visited on Sunday morning and cleaned his feet, took a few hoof pictures and somehow forgot to measure his hind feet for boots again!  He got lots of scratches with grooming and time with the BOT pad.  As soon as I put it on, he started yawning and licking and chewing, I'm sure it feels good! He got a little antsy at the end, when I turned him out discovered the why  - he had to pee!  Then he took off through the field, and came trotting back to me after a drink.  So I decided to play and took off jogging and he came right along behind.
He was the only one out in the field, so he called a few times to his buddies but in general doesn't get too riled up and goes back to grazing after quickly. His buddy Willi is on the dry lot next to him until the evening when they are together.

A few videos of our fun:

When I realized he wanted to be with me so I started playing around

Sorry for bobble selfie-cam try at it!

So now I have a crazy schedule, as tonight was the first PTO meeting for the year (even though school starts the 23rd, we/the board have some things to discuss!); the normal weekday madness with camps, and me travelling to Charlotte down & back for a day for work ... I won't get to visit the goof till the weekend it appears!

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