Monday, August 21, 2017

Step 2 continued

So we have addressed the hooves and are working on the saddle....

First, we had a short ride in the Duett Companion saddle to see how it felt to both of us... Friday eve it wasn't storming as I expected so we grabbed the saddle and headed to the round pen. No bridle, just a halter. I let him move a bit in the round pen without me, then he stood well for mounting from the block.  We had a few good steps, then ears went back, nose came around, crow hopping started.  Ok, then - no go.  I put it a little too forward, my bad.
We tried again on Sunday afternoon, Jen met us to ride with Silver and offer outside insight of the saddle fit (centering, etc).  He was none too thrilled about the whole idea, and I can't really say what we think about saddle fit yet. He was overall fussy and tense, and not appreciative of it riding down his neck on any type of downhill incline. The girth was too long, but the saddle replaced itself nicely as soon as we moved slightly uphill.  We stayed away from steep inclines and did just under 2 miles walking.  Twist was OK for me, didn't feel too wide at least, but that seat is way slicker than anything I am used to! lol  I'm going to take it with me to our SET clinic and see what more experienced saddle fitting folks think.  I've still got a Specialized Wide to try, and have an email sent to Desoto on a used Extra Wide that might work :P

post ride snap shot

Right Front

An update to the hooves, he was walking tons better on the gravel this weekend, and I used his Scoot Boots for riding to keep him comfy.  I have measured his hinds and know we will be keeping an eye out for Size 2 for when we get back into the swing of things.

In addition to the Murdoch Method videos (and hopefully getting a firm Sure Foot pad set in the future for both of us to use) I have been doing a ton of research and digging into other ways to address his pain, and my own questions/concerns.  I signed up for CRK Training Blog updates and have been watching a few of her series to help myself on balance and fear. Plus of course still doing our SET virtual classes and getting excited for our clinic this weekend! I will be totally out of range for a few days immersing myself in Dee's knowledge in the company of some good friends with green and long time horses in different stages of relationship and learning.

I obtained some new reading material from Dr. Renee Tucker to help me try and narrow down his pain and correct next steps, in addition to what I already have in process.  Some of the checks seem simple enough to see what I learn!  (aside from the book there are videos available to view on "how to" as well).

Scheduling conflicts are forcing the TTouch and Bemer appointment to be delayed, but I will definitely still be doing that with him!

All these things are complimentary and only can help me to understand him (and myself) more.

In other news... Saturday morning Asher & Doug graduated to their Black w/ White belts :)  There were 28 students getting their 1st degree Black Belt too....crazy!

Then Doug & I worked Saturday afternoon and finished the deck staining!  That is it for wood work this year.  Now we look for a new grill and clean up our outdoor table to put up there, and finally start the fire pit building for use this fall.  Next spring we will be adding the railing around it (the far side is a 3'+ drop to the ground where the slope goes!)

And would you believe schools starts Wednesday and I will have one in Third grade and one in Kindergarten?  They are both really excited for the start of school :)  Tonight is the open house to drop off all their supplies and see the classrooms.  Skyler has the same teacher Asher did.  The first month is going to be a bit nuts, as she cannot be in the after school program until she turns 5, so Doug & I will be shifting around schedules to pick them up and work from home the last few hours.
So, my horse schedule will be all wonky for a while longer it seems!  Eventually we will find a new routine between school, soccer and karate!

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