Monday, September 18, 2017

New Norms

I thought finally having both kids "school age" would make things easier, but so far that is not true! We spent the first 3 weeks having to shift our work schedules around to pick them up after school until Skyler was officially 5 and could start the after school program.  Top that off with soccer starting up for both of them, Karate, band practices and barn time... we have little in the way of calm evenings!

Prophecy's been adjusting to the new place nicely, we turned him out with 5 other boys on the 9th and it was completely uneventful and drama free.  He is such a pretty mover with that Arab tail flagging. The trim had to be rescheduled a week off, and then I did another (now 3rd) application of hoof armor. Only one front had started to flair a little, so we will try 5week trim cycle here on out. I feel like the hoof armor has been doing him good. He can walk on the driveway gravel and is definitely happy and sound in the pasture, feet are staying tough and soles looking nice.

grazing before meeting the new herd

A new friend, Rio
So far I haven't had much time with him past grooming... We did manage to try out and set up his new bit, a French link, on his bridle.  He is definitely one who tells you what he wants, and I think I discovered how he wants to be bridled and offered the bit to take.  Many yawns after the 3rd on/off and ready to go do something.

I'm still on the great saddle hunt... No luck finding the Balance I'm searching for, so still exploring some options.  Buying one new even has some difficulties associated with it as there are no trained fitters closer than 200miles.  I'm planning to trial a few different style Boz saddles in the next few weeks (thanks so wonderful local endurance friends!) and see if that flexible tree is all it is cracked up to be and makes him happy.  I can tell a lot from the ground at this point, then we can try it out in the arena or round pen.   One step at a time...

In other news, the deck is done and usable - with a new grill added and our cleaned up patio furniture!  Fire-pit is next on the build list so we can do Smores with the kids this fall :)  We even had dinner out there this past weekend!

The trailer is home now so I got to do a bunch of re-organizing, and then had a bolt shear that makes the hand crank work!  Fortunately I was not hooking or unhooking, just adjusting the height.  New bolt and nut (and spares) bought after consulting with one of our machinists who used to work at Blue Ridge Trailers.  If it keeps happening I will need to see if there is something wrong in the jack.  Right now the thought is that the bolt type in there was way too soft and I just got lucky on when it happened! I also replaced the LQ door handle - which the previous owner had given me a new one when I bought the trailer two years ago... Now the door actually stays shut and locks! (should have done this sooner!) Next will be having Doug help me move some stuff out of it so I can finish up insulating the walls.  I still need to get a 'new' spare tire (though the trailer place told me not to worry, it is a spare and will get us to where we need to go regardless of a mismatch from the other tires) and replace the battery so I can run inside lights, etc.  I need to take a count and type of all the lights so I can replace with LED bulbs.... and hopefully before it gets freezing out pull it up to wash it and the awning. No shortage of things to do!

Before & afters of fixes:


Prophecy is enjoying the big field and he and Rio seem to be BFFs.  I had to stop Rio from following us out on Sunday eve and then he stood over the gate softly calling to us a few moments before heading back.  Prophecy & I played a bit in the round pen and seem to have our Left/Right sends nailed down again (it was all my issues as I learned at the clinic). The weather is bouncing around, we had 3 "cool" weeks so the horses are starting to get winter fuzz, but now it is back to low 80s.

I've gotten to meet a few of the other boarders now and look forward to getting to ride with them sometime!

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  1. I've just applied the first coating of hoof armor on my boys. Am anxious to see if it works especially for my tender, flat footed haflinger.
    My 5 y/o Arab cross has under run heels after only 8 months in shoes. So trying the armor on him too.
    I'll be interested in hearing your suggestions, successes or lack there of with Hoof Armour