Thursday, November 2, 2017


Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

So the first two rides in the Balance GPD have not gone as hoped.  I have enlisted help this weekend to obtain videos to send Dee to review.  We have 4 different combinations of padding using the Balance saddle, plus 1 of a Wide Synergist to see if that is an option (first we'll see if static fit looks decent and give it try if so) to record. Going to be an interesting time! I only wish I still had the Leon Liversage to re-record us working in it.

In the meantime, on Wednesday when I went to see him we did nothing with saddles.  I got a chance to use Janie's 'knock off Sure Foot Pads'.  Prophecy really enjoys them on the front ; I had to walk him off each time rather than him moving off himself (and he had no restraints to stay there).  The trance is pretty cool to watch 😪

Back feet he is more hesitant to put down all the way on the pad, so I didn't push it.


cute mustache muzzle

I'd love to buy a real Sure Foot Pad set, but considering all my money is going toward saving up for a saddle purchase, it just isn't in the cards yet!  Obviously Prophecy gives his stamp of approval when I can.

When I put him out, he wouldn't leave me...Someone enjoys pampering 🐴  I did have to draw the line at playing with my ear though!


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