Saturday, July 14, 2018

Lucky 13

Funny... my last post was June 13th with the announcement of Sleek N Wow being my next partner and yesterday, Friday the 13th, is when I picked him up!!

Rhine Falls view from the train
So what I have been up to the last month? Well, I went on a week long trip to Europe for work - visiting suppliers in Amsterdam and a small town in Germany, but that also took us through Zurich and some great views on the train.  I was certainly glad to get home, this was really the first time in 6 (maybe 9) years I have been away that long!

July 4th "week" was fun! We got to be "in" one of the parades riding on the tractor throwing candy to bystanders on the 1st, and then had a riding lesson with some swimming the morning of the 4th.  While we just did home fireworks on the 4th itself, we took the kids to a privately put on show near the barn on Saturday the 7th that was just - WOW!  It was Skyler's first fireworks show, and she was definitely tired by the time it started but managed to stay awake until we got home at 10:30pm!

Asher had his two weeks at Spectrum camp - doing Magic tricks, learning African Drumming, Origami, and Fencing!  There was a "showcase" the last day and he did great!

Now the kids are both at another camp for the rest of the summer doing lots of swimming and playing!

Prophecy is enjoying summer in TN... ok, well maybe not enjoying the humidity, but he is doing well! lol

So Friday was a late night (after a day of watching the clock!), meeting another endurance rider who offered to transport him partway and meet up for a trailer switch about 1.25 hrs NE of us. This saved me a day's trip up to PA and back, but I am sad I did not to get to hang with Sabine more :( I keep telling her to come to VA to visit and try out our mountain riding!

I met Jen about 11pm to do the switcheroo... He seemed to travel well (paws some but not horrible), and unloaded her mighty huge trailer and reloaded into my comparative midget trailer very well in a Home Depot parking lot.  Got him back to Amanda's place about 12:30am and tucked into a stall for the night after about 15min of trying to unload!  He is so used to being able to turn and walk off, and backing off a step up trailer was not going easily.  As at that point we were both just worn out from traveling, I let him turn around, thankfully without major issue as this is just a 2H size and tight squeeze for him, and made mental note that we must work on this before hauling again! I finally got in my door about 1:30 am, fell asleep somewhere after 2 and up around 5 tossing till 7, out the door again at 730 lol.

Switching time!

trailer unloading - Apparently, he is trained to wait, I was hoping he'd back off given his own choice.

Nice long drink

getting tucked in

I returned Saturday morning to do herd introductions and let him loose with her girls. He greeted me with repeated nickers, but I have yet to hear a whinny! I'll just put some pics and video as there isn't a need to say more!

Once I get a good set of pics of him I'll be updating some profile pics between here & Facebook of course.  So the thing on my mind now is what to call him for a barn name - I have a good list compiled, just have to see what suits him as we play together more!

And so our journey begins!


  1. I saw your post in the standardbred group! I hope he's a good partner for you and I'm glad Prophecy is doing well in retirement!

  2. So happy for you! Enjoy your new partner. M