Scoot Boots

I have been eyeing boots for Prophecy for many months now, trying to figure out what brand would have the right fit for his wider than long or almost round hooves.  He showed some sensitivity over the summer while treating his WLD to any rocky surfaces (gravel driveway, rocks on trail) and while it did improve this fall I know he needs the extra protection.  I'd love to keep him barefoot, but that was quickly becoming a less likely event with needing to start conditioning in rocky terrain here and the lack of funds for boots.  I searched for used Renegade recommended size and tried an Easy Boot fit kit to figure out which size to look for, however one front fit nicely, the other, not so much.  I have read reviews of the Scoot Boots and a greenbean team member got a pair for her mare that she has been providing me reviews on how they work for them.  These seemed like a great fit for ease of use and sizing for us and I was on the hunt for a used set, if nothing more than as 'off season' boots and backups to shoes if lost.  Then, I received a set of Scoot Boots for Prophecy for his front feet out of the kindness of the company's owner/founder in Australia.

I am providing my reviews to just get more info out there on these boots, as I know many are curious about them! I was not asked to do so.

Of course I immediately the changed the strap to blue from the black it came with (as well as other colors and repair components), which was very simple to do.  I took them to the barn the next day and tried them out.  Very easy to pop them on, no mallet needed! Simple to hook the straps on the screws using a hoof pick (or by hand), and set the pastern straps with 2 fingers clearance.  No cable to adjust, no gaiter to fold and keep out of the way.

He took a few funny steps when we first walked away to the round pen, but adjusted quickly and we headed out on the trail and over driveway rocks without hesitation.  We've done a few short rides in them and used them when lunging to warm up.  I finally saw an extended trot out of him when moving in the round pen!

We have even used them in a lesson to help get him used to then.  Now almost 3 weeks post trim they are still looking like a good fit (based on the spacing recommendation on the website) and while a little tougher to get on due to his growth, still relatively simple and come off easily.

I will continue to use these with the trail gaiters as they break in, but no rubbing so far.  This coming weekend we will be going to an intro ride and get to try them out on a longer distance; fairly easy footing, but he seems to appreciate the protection so I will use them :)

Update 7/11/17
As of July we haven't used them much!  I've been trying to keep conditioning barefoot to toughen up his feet and we haven't hauled away to rides that are so rocky that I would put boots on.  I do pop them on here and there and they always fit, even with the change in trim style he has undergone to reshape his hoof and reduce the flaring tendencies.  I'm always happy with how easy they are to get on and off, and clean!

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  1. Thank you for your thoughts on the scoot boots and it's much appreciated