Two Horse Tack: Curb Strap

So Prophecy got a new bit set-up, moving away from a Myler combo to a simple French-link-D-ring snaffle with curb strap, per a recommendation at the clinic that he disliked the prior so much.

The bit was easy to come by, but I needed a curb strap!  It is really only meant to make sure the bit can't pull through, and his case he tries to bite at rein straps so it helps with that some too.
Of course I need one to match his current halter/bridle... the curb strap arrived a few weeks ago but my first trial of it found it a bit too big - Easy enough to fix when you remember to actually do it! I have made some beta accessories at home so I have hole punching tool already, but any leather punch will do.


I added 2 more holes at 1-inch intervals, just in case.  And then I started with playing with how to best attach to the bit...

This is how it is designed to work... However, I don't like the buckle right at the D-ring; felt unevenly weighted.

So I played with some bit-keepers I have and voila - buckle in the center and trimmed off some excess strapping.

I put it on Sunday afternoon and had a nice little ride in a very matched set on Prophecy.

Interested in getting a matching curb for your own set up?   You can find them in 14 different colors HERE, and there are even styles with chains for those who need that.

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