Two Horse Tack: Halter Review


I received this Beta Turn Out Halter from Two Horse Tack to try out on Prophecy and review.

It is a beautifully made Blue color with white stitching. Looks sharp with the contrast!

The crown has double adjustable buckles and can be replaced with a leather strap if you choose to make it a safety halter.  It has the throat clip for easy on and off once you get the crown sizing set, and the hardware as you see is Stainless Steel.

His is a 3/4" Arab size, and must say it fits him well.  I've got other "Arab" size halters that end up pretty loose looking and too thick for his face stature.  His regular nylon halter doesn't even look blue anymore from all the dirt it collects. I love beta for how easy to maintain it is and it will keep its color nicely!

With the side rings I can use this in the cross ties as well, and of course the center ring for lead rope attachment.

Prophecy seemed to like it too during our free lunge session in the round pen :)

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