Two Horse Tack: Quick Change Halter Bridle & Reins

Well, it looks like Prophecy has new colors!
I reviewed a beta halter from Two Horse Tack earlier this year and and they approached me to do another review for July.

I have been looking at a different color scheme for Prophecy once he "proved himself" at a ride, and now I got the opportunity early!  His current set of stuff is from Tesla, with a few tweaks to make it his (like a browband replacement for his bigger head and new rope halter).

I really like the Quick Change Snap on types of bridles for endurance use.  It leaves a halter underneath to tie with or lead with, and no messing with clips to put a bit in/out.  Especially helpful if you get easily confused and feel pressured for time! (something I learned with Traveler was how difficult his bit was to tell it if it was right side up or not!)  Being all beta/biothane, it is really easy to keep clean. Dunk in water or wipe with a cloth; worst case toss in a dishwasher if really grimy! (non heated dry cycle)

We got a horse size, since he has a bigger brow than Arab sized, and I sent in the measurement for corner-to-corner for the snap on part to make sure we had the right length.  A Myler Combo bit tends to sit higher, so there needs to be lots of adjustment for its placement too.

The color is a vibrant Turquoise Beta base with a shiny Light Blue (Teal/Sky) Biothane overlay. I still love blues on him, but also the teal and turquoise seem to look nice so I figure let's combine!

I was able to adjust it well for his Myler Combo (though I need to remember to loosen the curb a little next time), and still have room to play.  Of course, best of all it looks great on him!  The beta is easy to trim up later if I choose, and can always poke more holes with a leather punch.

All decked out in the new gear

Halter only
I also got a set of 10' trail reins (no buckle, with quick change snap bit ends).  It has been forever since I've used Beta reins. I tend to like the rope style best, especially in summer with sweaty hands.  But I did find them pretty comfortable and soft - just need to get used to it again :)  They were long enough to let him grab grass on our ride without having a "popper" end, and easily clipped into my home-made rein-safe in case I dropped them. I will actually shorten the rein-safe a bit since these are longer than my other set to ensure no tangling.

If you’re interested in a set like mine from Two Horse Tack you can click HERE, and this month they have a 10% off deal for new folks who sign up for their newsletter.  Of course there are tons of other options to explore on the site too!

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