Two Horse Tack Endurance Set Review

Below is a compilation of my reviews of the THT Beta/Biothane Tack set. I reviewed a beta halter earlier (July 2017) and and they approached me to do more reviews of a full endurance set for Prophecy as he changed to his own color scheme.  Unfortunately, Prophecy was retired from riding, but I kept the set for the next horse in hopes it would be adjustable enough - and it is!

Update Aug 2018
So, new horse - way different build, same tack set! And looks sharp on him too :)

Crupper to be added later as needed

Quick Change Halter Bridle with Snap On and Reins (Sept 2017)
I really like the Quick Change Snap on types of bridles for endurance use.  It leaves a halter underneath to tie with or lead with, and no messing with clips to put a bit in/out.  Especially helpful if you get easily confused and feel pressured for time! (something I learned with Traveler was how difficult his bit was to tell it if it was right side up or not!)  Being all beta/biothane, it is really easy to keep clean. Dunk in water or wipe with a cloth; worst case toss in a dishwasher if really grimy! (non heated dry cycle)

We got a horse size, since he has a bigger brow than Arab sized, and I sent in the measurement for corner-to-corner for the snap on part to make sure we had the right length.  His original bit, Myler Combo, tends to sit higher, so there needs to be lots of adjustment for its placement too.

The color is a vibrant Turquoise Beta base with a shiny Light Blue (Teal/Sky) Biothane overlay. I still love blues on him, but also the teal and turquoise seem to look nice so I figure let's combine!

I was able to adjust it well for his Myler Combo and still have room to play.  Of course, best of all it looks great on him!  The beta is easy to trim up later if I choose, and I can always poke more holes with a leather punch if ever needed.

All decked out in the new head gear

Halter only
I also received a set of 10' trail reins (no buckle, with quick change snap bit ends).  I found them pretty comfortable and soft to hold.  They were long enough to let him grab grass on our ride without having a "popper" end, and easily clipped into my home-made rein-safe in case I dropped them.
UPDATE 11/2017: As I used the reins more I discovered the overlay portion made the reins stiff towards the bit end.  Prophecy was not a fan of this feeling as it gave mixed signals, so we have moved back to Rope reins.

If you’re interested in a set like mine from Two Horse Tack you can click HERE, and this month they have a 10% off deal for new folks who sign up for their newsletter.  Of course there are tons of other options to explore on the site too!


Beta Curb Strap (Oct 2017)
Prophecy got a new bit set-up, moving away from a Myler combo to a simple French-link-D-ring snaffle with curb strap, per a recommendation at the clinic that he disliked the prior so much.

The bit was easy to come by, but I needed a curb strap!  It is really only meant to make sure the bit can't pull through, and his case he tries to bite at rein straps so it helps with that some too.
Of course I need one to match his current halter/bridle... the curb strap arrived a few weeks ago but my first trial of it found it a bit too big - Easy enough to fix when you remember to actually do it! I have made some beta accessories at home so I have hole punching tool already, but any leather punch will do.


I added 2 more holes at 1-inch intervals, just in case.  And then I started with playing with how to best attach to the bit...

This is how it is designed to work... However, I don't like the buckle right at the D-ring; felt unevenly weighted.

So I played with some bit-keepers I have and voila - buckle in the center and trimmed off some excess strapping.

I put it on Sunday afternoon and had a nice little ride in a very matched set on Prophecy.

Interested in getting a matching curb for your own set up?   You can find them in 14 different colors HERE, and there are even styles with chains for those who need that.

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Here you can see him using the Snap on Bridle over a rope halter with the Curb Strap:


Breast Collar - English Breast Collar, 2 Color Combo (Nov/Dec 2017)

We were finally on the road to having a saddle again so now he needed a Breast Collar to go with his same colors, Turquoise Beta & Blue Sky overlay!  I ordered an Arab size after some discussion with THT to figure out best size option for him - he weighs 980-1000lbs and has a pretty wide body, but I knew that Tesla's Arab size BC fit (different brand), and the adjustable range led us to go for the Arab size again. I added the D-ring Clip for the girth and Clips on the Tugs to attach to the saddle for easy on/off at vet checks.

The way the straps work is different than my previous type, in particular the over-the-wither-strap as it is solid/set/not adjustable and the shoulder strap on his left side clips to a ring instead.  Just something to get used to when you have done it a different way for so long!
I'll also note that from pictures on their website I didn't think the wither strap would have overlay color, but mine does.

The saddle arrived just before our trip for Thanksgiving ; I did not get to play at all with things until mid-December when we had the saddle, new pad, and new girth in hand.  Finally I could get the BC sized for his saddle and work in full tack!  Prophecy was good as I figured out the best way to adjust it for him, and he still has plenty of room to on the chest to girth strap to try a Shoulder Relief Girth that will shift the attachment point back some.  I will probably trim this strap as it is a bit long, or at least add a keeper to it.

Ignore the pad location! I was trying something different (pad forward/saddle further back on the pad)

So far so good!  We'll get more use out if it soon as we start to condition for 2018 and hopefully our debut ride in April or so :)

And just for a tip, I saw this on the AERC Facebook group to make putting a BC on and off easier when you have a pommel pack.  What a great idea - I may reverse our shoulder tugs/clips too!

If you’re interested in a set like mine from Two Horse Tack click HERE.  There are other styles and options for Breast Collars too, so you can figure out what works best with your saddle and style of riding.

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Beta Crupper - Single strap w/ Black Tail Piece (Jan 2018)

The last and final piece of tack, the Crupper, just arrived. I actually have two Cruppers from THT ; the original is a Dark Blue one I bought for Tesla in 2015.  Both of these are Arab size, but the Turquoise is available in a thinner beta than the blue was so it has a smaller build overall.  The new one also has a snap on the saddle attachment that I can use for easy on/off, or use just the conway buckle like I have on the dark blue.

I like the adjust ability of the crupper - I can 'set the length' from the saddle portion with a conway, and still be able to make the crupper tighter or looser using the tail adjustment buckles easily (from the saddle even).  The snap will be a nice option, as I always have to remember to unhook a tail side before trying to remove the saddle!

The tail piece is a flax-seed filled wrapped in leather.  I have had no issues with my blue one on rubbing either Tesla or Prophecy in use so can't imagine this turquoise would be any different.  The flax seed is self-lubricating, as well as mold-able/gentle. And of course, it is all easy to care for!

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